Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Time has flown...

Again!  And we are well into autumn now.  This past few weeks have been sooo busy!  I've not been doing anything particularly exciting.. just getting on and doing everything that needs to be done and the time has flown.  

I thought it was high time that I stop by and give you a little felting update :)

I seem to of been felting lots of hats..  like this Top Hat

Which goes really well with my stash buster coat :)

A few ribbons torn from some FABULOUS silk fabric that I brought at
The Mercian Gathering (from Herts Fabrics stall - they have lovely fabrics)
Lovely blues, charcoal and smoky purple fibres
My equipment :) as explained below
I brought a polystyrene hat block and didn't want it to start crumbling if I got rough with it :)  so covered it with packing tape.. this has worked very well to protect and strengthen it!

My 'hat spring' is an improvisation too :)  When I was looking at buying one of these they were £15 each.. but I had a drive band for a spinning wheel which doesn't fit MY wheel.. it looked like it's made from the same stuff.. and it was plenty long enough for me to cut it up and make bands for both 22" & 23" hats..  I used a lighter to melt the ends of the band and push them together to join.  They're just what I needed - and didn't cost me a penny :)

As this was a tall hat, taller than my block actually
I stood the block on an upturned bowl for extra height while
I shaped the ridge around the crown

Stood on top of a vase to let the air circulate to it can dry faster :)
The silk fabric I brought at the Gathering is gorgeous stuff!  Made for a high end London dress designer who went out of business.  I brought this lovely burnt orange and a gorgeous red shot with black.. wish I'd brought the other colours now they had lovely blues and greens..  

I've felted a stole with the red..

The silk is on the inside

Anyhoo.. more hats next time :)