Thursday, 13 June 2013

Flap Bags

I recently decided to play around with flap bags.  I had an anonymous comment on here asking about how to make them and I realised I've never really posted much about flap bags.. and hadn't even felted one for ages!   SO, I've been tinkering around and taking photos as I went :)    

Bag #1 

Resist material.
I like using foam floor underlay for laminate floors
It comes on 10m rolls from places like B&Q
Adding 50% to the size of the resist to allow for shrinkage
I cut the bag resist.  The shape at the top will become the flap.
Cut pocket resists
My main ingredients :)
I used nice leather sew-on bag handles
First thing layed upon the resist will show as the inside of the bag.
I scattered tussah silk fibre and a few merino 'flowers'.   
After laying the pockets on the first side, followed by 2 fibre layers
I flipped it.

Rays Folded over.
I use 6 fibre layers for each side of my bags.  I think it works best to only
use 4 layers on the flap area though.. otherwise the doubled up thickness on the finished
flap can be a bit bulky
Lots of tussah silk scattered over the top layer.
'Flowers' are made from tufts of merino and cut from prefelt
Part way through felting I cut across the top
And removed the resist from the flap, laying it on top of the resist I carried on working it.  
I had reoved the resist from the flap just a little too late for the 2 sides
to felt together easily,  a little stitching to hold it down helps
Felted HARD - I got my 50% shrinkage.
Stuffed full of tea towels and drying on the radiator
After it dried I stitched magnetic snap fastners on
And the handles
A couple of vintage coat buttons sewn outside over  the
snap fastners



Billie said...

Wow, this is really pretty. Thanks for posting the pictures. Billie

Kerry O'Gorman said...

This is an awesome, easy to follow post and I SO appreciate it as a novice wet felter. Thankyou so die for , colours and patterns!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Billie & Kerry :)
Hope it helps, I'll be posting about a couple of other flap bags soon too

Unknown said...

Posts like these make my fingers itch to felt something! Beautiful colors and layout. :) The goaties send smooches!

FeltersJourney said...

oh yay Kelly, get those itchy fingers felting :) I love seeing your work (and your gorgeous goats :)!