Sunday, 23 August 2015

Under the Beech Tree - August

I forgot to post this before taking off for a couple of weeks of family fun.. now it's ridiculously late (being as it's nearly September!) so I'll keep it brief :)  

I did remember to take photos at the start of August luckily..

Darker leaves now..

Quite a hazy day when I took this..
August sees so much more rain now than when I was a kid -
 back in the 70's July and August
(in my memory) were full of searing sunshine and endless blue skies
Gemstone - Agate
Flower - Gladiolus

Anglo Saxons' called August Weod Monath - Weed month; how appropriate :)

And as it's so very late in the month I'll leave it there; after all.. in 9 days time I'll be taking the September pics :)