Monday, 23 November 2009

Festival of Trees

Hiya, I want to share something rather special with you all today.

Brenda Marshalls Christmas Tree

This beautiful Christmas tree has been wetfelted by my friend Brenda. It took her 5 days of hard work - and I think it is exquisite! Brenda is donating this tree to a charity auction, raising money for the Princes Trust & local charities.
It is on display, along with 16 other tree themed pieces, that are part of the Festival of Trees; they have all been made by the Jinney Ring Artists. I really must go over to have a look at them. Theyre on display until 13th December and they`re being auctioned at an evening `do` on the 14th December. Theres a load more info & directions on the Jinney Ring website.
If you go over, be sure to say hello to Brenda in her workshop :o)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Catching Cupcakes

Honestly they MUST be catching! My lovely friend Keiara has been lampworking lovely cupcakes for some time now - but over the last few months I keep spotting them, wherever I go... and theyre calling "make me, make me". Well of course we (the kids and me) have made quite a few very yummy cupcakes :o) But over the last few weeks my fingers have been itching for more... SO

Ive been crocheting cupcakes... And Ive been FELTING cupcakes! I am so pleased with how these turned out, they`re so cute. I decided to make some cupcake phone charms...

Ive made about 12 of these so far. Im doing a Christmas craft fayre in about 3 weeks and am wondering whether to make some more? What do you guys think? I havent listed them on etsy as yet... as you`ve probably guessed its on my `to do` list :o) which gets longer every day - isnt it supposed to get shorter?

For more fibrey goodness check out Fibre Art Friday on Alpaca Farm Girls Blog

Take care & have a good weekend :o)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sari Silk

I brought these for the first time this week & I LOVE `em! They are SO gorgeous! Im definately going to be using plenty of these in future :o)

The fibre is the unwoven threads from silk sari fabric. Looks to me like the thrums (waste warp threads) as there is a thin ribbon of sari silk along the tops of most of them. The ribbons are thin strips of sari silk. Ive used a little of the cerise ( Ijust HAD to experiment)... now I cant wait for the rest of my fibre to arrive so I can make some wraps and things with these in - theyre so luscious... I mean just LOOK at those colours - awesome!

I brought these from Forest Fibres and I have to say that like everything else Ive ever brought from them - Im thrilled! Forest Fibres have always had excellent customer service too, Ros is really helpful & knowledgable.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Moo Cards

Oh yay, I LOVE my MOO cards :o) theyre really sweet! And they come in a little mini filing system type box with dividers for `mine, theirs & favourites` how adorable!

Of course now that Ive got my mini moo cards my business card holder is too big - so I made myself a new one from a piece of felt I made a couple of days ago; black merino with cerise sari silk... yummy

I kept the style similar to my original business card holder, with a felted cord that wraps round to close it (you cant really see it that well on the photo) this one holds about 16 cards. Its great, even in the holder theyre so dinky they barely take up any room at all in my bag or pocket...Im a very happy bunny!
Id definately recommend Moo to anyone, it was very easy to upload photos (Im not on flickr so I uploaded them straight from my pictures) editing the pictures etc was easy & they came really quickly... I ordered them 7pm Monday evening & they tried to deliver them Wednesday morning - brilliant!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sheepish fun

Hi guys, can you believe another week has gone? Well I`ve been making jewellery all day ready for a Christmas fayre in a few weeks time. I just wanted to share a few pics of my latest jewellery with you.
It all started with my dear friend Keiara requesting an embroidered felted bangle set, in green & black, for halloween. A few weeks before I had been playing and felted 4 little black cat beads - but hadnt used them yet. This is what I came up with...

The funny light bit on the black bangle is the light catching an embroidered star, Id used a sparkling shiny black thread.

Im REALLY pleased with how it turned out & Keiara was thrilled to bits :o) I LOVE doing work for Keiara, she tells me what she wants & lets me go for it....fortunately we must be on the same wavelength cos she has loved all of her bits `n pieces so far.

I decided that I really should make some sheepish sets - you KNOW how much I love those little sheep :o)

Im waiting for things to arrive in the post now; fibre, beads, business cards (I cant wait to see them - Ive ordered MOO mini cards) my fingers are itching to get felting, but I cant do the projects I want to do cos Im waiting for the posty... never mind means I finish some UFOs.

Have a great weekend folks

Friday, 6 November 2009

Website & etsy shop news

Just a quicky to let you know what Im upto online at the mo.
Ive decided not to renew my subscription to so my website FreeSpiritCreations will be going offline from 28th November.
Some news Im pretty excited about is my NEW etsy shop. For a few months the name wychburydoll had been niggling at me, it was no longer relevant being as Im not dollmaking or selling my dolls any more (apart from the troll Ive promised dear Keiara of course ;o)... it seemed a silly name for a felters shop - unfortunately etsy doesnt let you change your shop name. SO, this week Ive knuckled under and created a brand new etsy shop named feltersjourney. Ive created a new look with a nice new banner & upated avatar, and have just finished moving my stock over to it... OMG Im shattered after doing that, it seemed to take forever.
Now I just need to learn how to balance family, job, felting, updating blog & shop and advertising - oh boy! Oh & I think I need to find out more about flickr, I have a feeling I should be doing something there too...
Please, if you could all take a peek at my new shop & feedback to me what you think I would really appreciate it (theres a link to the right).
I decided to run a 2 week free shipping on all items promotion to celebrate opening - lets hope it brings the sales in!
Off to feed my ravenous family now :o)
Have a fab weekend everyone

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Some cobweb scarves

OMG time is seriously running away from me! I promised over a week ago to post pics of some cobweb scarves the following day & then POOF - I swear a week had passed overnight.

Well I have recently downloaded Picassa and discovered that I can make collages on there, so no prizes for guessing what my picture today guessed it - a collage of some of my new cobweb scarves. Although I have to say they dont look so cobwebby on these - I think it must be the colours & maybe lighting; they are in reality very light & lacy.

Ive also had a custom order request from the lovely lady who brought my `I want you` purple cobweb scarf (the one for the etsyfast september challenge) for something very lightweight, ultracobwebby & purple! Right up my street. I got a little carried away playing & I have made 2 for her to choose from... a darker purple REALLY cobwebby & floaty number, and a lighter, warmer toned one - I love how wavy edged this one is - its like a lace ruff.

Im off to whip up a quick lunch for myself & get down to working on my etsy shop. HOPEFULLY tomorow I shall be posting more about what Im upto there :o)