Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My mini felter

My daughter, Rachael, is 11 & tomorow will be finishing Primary School. Over the last week or so she has thought about the teachers she wants to give a special gift to. She`s planned carefully and worked hard... and has created 3 really lovely gifts. She is getting to be a very good little felter!

You saw the butterfly that she felted for her current class teacher a couple of posts ago. Next we felted side by side creating a felted flower bracelet - I made one & Rachael copied me step by step... I enjoyed it at least as much as she did!

This is for the teacher that she had in both year 3 & year 5, and who gave her one-to-one booster sessions last year. She is a lovely young teacher... I can really see her wearing this.

And this is for the Headmaster, who is also leaving the school tomorow (a real shame). A mat to go on his new desk for his cup of tea and plate of biscuits :o) Rachael served on the school council for a couple of years and meetings in the headmasters office usually involved a plate of cookies :o)

In half an hour I am off to the leavers assembly & I just know that Im going to blub all the way through! Feeling veeery emotional at the moment. This is my baby... and at the moment she is still a very young 11...very little girly. I have a feeling she will grow up quickly when she goes to High School... I know my son did and he was always a little man anyway.

OK off to check the camera batteries & find some tissues


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

B`day pressie pics

I can show you what I made now! Moms birthday has been and gone, she has her pressie... think she likes it (hope she does)...
What with both of the kids ill with that fluish virus last week (please dont let me come down with it!!!) and working at the weekend, plus this week is the last week of term & my little one is finishing Primary School - so there are leavers assemblys & plays and all sorts to attend AND this is my last few days of felting & working at home while the kids are at school - theres just no spare time. OK breath...
So, here it is...

Icelandic wool & merino in lovely woodland greens...

Lots of texture...with silk caps, wool & alpaca yarns, fabric scraps, glass beads, even bit of ostritch feather

Thats not all... this little lantern has a secret...

Dwelling deep inside this woodland cavern...

Is a pewter earthmother.
Unnoticed until the LED tealight is turned on, then she glows.

Be well folks

Thursday, 15 July 2010

All about dogs!

Ive got a naughty greedy broccoli munching cocker, who has recently discovered my yummy veggies growing! Caught the little bugger green faced - as opposed to red handed (or pawed :o) I didnt manage to get a photo of her unfortunately - she might of got the wrong idea and thought `mom wants her to eat them `cos she is happy` - I really wasnt! Jesse had been watching me harvesting purple sprouting brocolli for dinner... she must of clocked what it was and went back later (when the coast was clear) to help herself. The trick is keeping her out of it now, shes a sneaky madam. Im gonna be in trouble when the tomatoes start to ripen... Jess luuurves tomatoes!

A friend of Garys has just had a litter of springer spaniels born... we`ve been able to `hand down` lots of puppyish equipment; whelping box, puppy pen & heat lamp etc... its nice that they are being used!

Hearing about their adventure is bringing back lots of memories of our lovely puppies... Amber, our golden girl had 3 gorgeous boys a couple of years ago. And since I dont have any other photos to share with you today & Im feeling distinctly nostalgic about my boys, thought Id share them with you :o)

Left to right; Alfie, George & Rolly
This was when they were 8 weeks old
It was such a lovely feeling cuddling an armload full of warm happy puppies! Calling them and hearing their paws scrambling as they came running, little tails waggin` like crazy... lovely.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tinkering today

Today I have been tinkering round, sourcing supplies and finishing off long standing UFOs (unfinished objects)... Ive taken photos of one that Im really pleased with! The batteries on the camera went though before I could take anything else... so for now...

This is a cuff Ive been visualising, planning, collecting materials for - for 6 months now!

Doesnt it seam ridiculous that its taken me that long?! Its not like there were a LOT of bits to collect!

I have patched jeans using this sort of random OTT stitching before & love the effect :o) its a bit mad (like me hehe)

These pewter buttons were booty brought back from the Reenactors Fayre in February, they`re really weighty (which I like, you know they are solid & good quality!)

I also wanted to show you what my daughter made for her teacher. The school year ends next week & my little one will be going up to High School (already? my baby?!). She wanted to felt a butterfly for her teacher to hang in the garden... so Sunday she designed it & we got all the necessary stuff together, I got her started & she has created the most beautiful butterfly.

Its not the first one of these that she has made, and I did lend a hand with the rolling - she started feeling iffy & has since come down with what seems to be the flu. Its double sided and measures 14"x9" - I think she did a cracking job. We are going to put it on fishing line so it can hang and look like its floating & fluttering.

OK, off to dish out paracetamol & strepsils to the patient...

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Plodding on...

Hey folks, hope you have had a great week! And plans for a fun weekend?!
Its been a while since I last blogged... things have been a little hectic, getting called into work at the last minute (seriously - 15minutes after the person who didnt turn up should of started their shift... I only had to drive 7 miles through 3 sets of road works and morning traffic - the air was blue in my car I can tell you, I was steamin` mad!) Im gonna start growling about it again if I think about it ... so moving on :o). That was on top of my other shifts.
I have managed to get some of my fancy felting embellishments listed over on my Folsky stall, non of the hand dyed stuff yet though.

I have sari silk goodies

Silk caps & hankies

And curly locks

To be honest Im feeling a little artistically challenged at the moment. I had a simple project in mind a couple of weeks ago, make a lightweight & sexy wrap for my moms birthday. Simple! Yeah right! I made 2... each one ended up taking me a whole day (one took 9 hours solid!) and I didnt get what I wanted GRRRRRR. I actually like the finished pieces, but they just werent what I wanted for my mothers birthday present! SO, totally sick and tired of wraps I decided to make something altogether different... I cant share just yet though cos she does check out my blog from time to time & sods law she will end up seeing it before her birthday! Will post soon...

Hope Im back to my normal self next week - I dont do `down` very well (or maybe I do it too well?) Anyway, enoughs enough - maybe I should hit the Red Bull?!

Anyway, whatever you are doing - have a lovely weekend :o)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A feltmaking convert?

Had a wonderfull day yesterday with my friend Nicola, who is a very talented artist, she mostly does painting and illustrates. A couple of weeks ago we decided to have some `swapsie days`- she felts with me & I paint with her... Yesterday was our first swapsie day :o) and Nicci had her first ever experience of felting. We made felted corsages from Liz Houghtons Felting Fashion book (have you noticed that I like that book? :o) It was a lovely girly day with lots of chat & laughter, veggie sausage sandwiches & buckets of tea & lots of fibrey fun! Perfect.

Nicci did a fantastic job! I sent her home with some fibres & bubblewrap so she can play some more... wonder if she will get hooked?

Camera shy!

Close-up of Nics roselike corsage - isnt it lovely

And this ones mine

Im really looking forward to our next swapsie - painting day! I havent painted since I sat my GCSE Art exam 20 years ago! Unless you can count painting the house, or faces onto art dolls - but painting a picture?! I wont know where to begin. I have wanted to paint for a while... so this is good, it`ll make me get on and do it :o) I am NOT promising to share the results though hehe it`ll probably be awfull!
Apologies for the crazy spacing on this post... blogger is behaving rather oddly at the moment - wont let me get it right!