Saturday, 27 August 2016

More critters.. meet Mr. Fox

I'm well behind on my blogging again (as any of my Facebook followers will know when they read this).

My critter collection has grown!  Earlier in the year I made my first Mr. Fox doorstopper - There simply HAD to be a Mr. Fox, we get foxes visiting the field next to our home regularly and enjoy watching them mooching about, litters of cubs playing, and gangle legged youngsters messing around in the way all adolescent canines do :)

Laying a base layer of Finn wool.. used lots of dark brown
- I wanted them to migrate through the colour layers.  I wanted his face
lighter so used white there.

Another natural Finn layer.. throwing a lighter brown into the mix

Now FOX coloured layers :)

His ears were formed from extra resists taped on to the main resist 
- carefully enfolded with the layers of fibre with bits of bubble
wrap positioned to keep them away from his head.

I got carried away with the felting after this point a totally 
forgot to take any more photos..

Until I got to this stage :)
He was still wet on this one.. think it was before I rinsed him :)

Next time a finished Fox!