Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not many words today.. just a picture to share :)    My first wallhanging with a little freemotion embroidery on..  Its a reasonable sized wallhanging 22" x 24"  Inspired by photos taken on many wonderful walks along the North Cornwall coastline between Daymer Bay & Polzeath.

Hung from a nice bit of Dorset driftwood.. collected this piece in Feb 2010, it was just perfect for this hanging.

Just a little stitchery in the sea.. to define the horizon and some swirls in the sea. I needlefelted the sailing boat. Did think of hanging a couple of Cornish seashells from the end of the driftwood.. may still add them.
Freemotion grasses

And a freemotion seagull flying high
 My next wallhanging has a LOT more stitching on it :)

Have a good week folks - hope you are enjoying the summer xx


Ginny Huber said...

What a lovely piece..I can almost smell the sea air! And the driftwood piece to hang it-perfect. I am lately looking for interesting ways to display things..this is delightful.

Scrumptious Textiles said...

Its really lovely and the colours are great especailly the turquoise grass part.

martine said...

This is just lovely, and you are right, the driftwood is the perfect mounting
thanks for sharing

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you very much Ginny, Martine & Scrumptious :)

Karen said...

Its looks gorgeous Deborah and i love that bit of drift wood to. Ha funny how i live almost on the beach and didnt think to go hunting for hangers there lol
guess what i'll be doing this weekend xo

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--You definitely have 'a way with the sea' in your artwork! I can feel the motion of the updraft under the bird's wings and hear the sea grasses rustling. You've displayed it in a perfectly integrated way, too...just a wonderful piece overall! XXO


This is wonderful Deborah, it's so beautifully subtle - And it's exactly what I needed today at my 'Painting with Fibres' workshop to show everyone the possibilities... Gill

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Gill, Karen & Heather for your lovely comments :)

Gill, I feel honoured that you showed my work as an example at your workshop - thank you.

Heather :) I think I've got saltwater in my blood lol.. love it that you could hear what I wanted to say with this..

Karen OMG wish wish wish I lived almost on the beach!

I'm freshly back from a week of camping and ocean-kayaking in Cornwall.. oh how much do I love being there?! xxx