Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lots of felty photos..

I have been 'away' for so long that there are quite a few makes that I havent shared..  time to catch-up a little :)  As you will notice I fixated on a couple of colour combos.. you saw the black & white and purple & petrol big fringed scarves a while back - I loved these so much that I really HAD to make more in those colours..
This shawl/poncho has one of my new Buttonalia buttons :)   Black and grey merino with lots of silk; silk laps & throwsters waste, white flax (linen) fibre and boucle yarn

This plump little black & white beuaty is just right. 
I felted decorative holes which double up as button holes.

I hate modeling hats!

Pin brooch

LOVE these colours!  The mulberry silk looks lovely I think

Note to self.. pull jeans up before having photo taken from behind!
 And especially for you Heather :)  BOOTS

Turquoise blue and red.. in my head I think of these as SuperHero boots - they are the right colour I think!

Pumpkin boots
And I've got a couple of other makes tucked away until after Christmas..



Heather Woollove said...

Ahhhhhh....thank you, Deborah!!!! :)
...and you know which ones I covet, don't you?!?!
GIggle. XXO-

Karen said...

Oh how gorgeous Deborah, and so lovely to see you in your Hat which really suits you, i love those boots to there wonderful. Hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever and may the new year bring lots more felted goodies in the making :)
Cheers karen xoxo

Ginny Huber said...

Nice to see these; all quite lovely; especially fond of the mulberry..and teal combo.. Happy felting. I'm aiming to be posting more on my own blog and visiting other felters' blogs more in 2012! So see you again then!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you girls :D

Heather.. the orange ones by any chance? :D x

Karen, you're very kind! I hpe that you and your have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too x

Ginny, lovely to hear from you :) Thats one of my favourite combos too x

Terrie said...

You look good with hats, your shawl are pretty. The button looks great and the boots are eye-cathing. They look so warm in this chilly winter.
Have a wonderful festive season.
Terrie from Hong Kong

narkeymarkey said...

gosh you have been busy, there's so many lovely things that it's hard to pick a favourite! your slippers look very comfy and toasty. and i agree, you do look lovely in your hat :)x

Lyn said...

The shawl is beautiful! Love the colours.
Happy New Creative Year.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Lyn, Tracey & Terrie for your sweet comments :)

Happy New Year to you all xxx