Thursday, 1 March 2012

The 4th and final (for now) Hundertwasser inspired bag

The shape is the same.. but this was inspired by Hundertwasser’s Antipode Island painting.. I can’t believe HOW long this one took to make..  I started building up the picture from the 4th layers of fibre out.. the picture wraps around the bag. 

Darker than the painting this is my midnight  island
As you will see from the photos a lot more detail went into the fibre layout than is visible in the finished piece.. I didn’t take into account just how much detail can be lost with shrinkage and fulling. I spent a whole day just laying it out.. a day felting it THEN another couple of days faffing about embroidering and sewing appliqués!

I used layers of different colour building up the picture.   The sky had bands of colour and dark blue yarn making lines between the bands.. this has blended in and gotten lost, as has the yarn loops that marked the tree line.

I used coloured yarns to define the tower and rounds.. and navy and charcoal yarn for the bands in the sky and water.

It was a little challenging wraping the picture around the bag.. getting both sides to work (the wrap side was easy enough it was the edges that took some figuring out).
I liked the way it looked before embroidering etc.. my hubby thought it could be left as it was.. but all long I had planned to add embroidery and appliqué  to the surface for some of the trees.   SO, I used hand embroidery straight onto the bag and on some of the patches, other patches are freemotion machine embroidered and then hand stitched on.
This is the back - it has 2 integral pockets on the inside

Simple embroidery stitches; French knots, button hole and stem stitch
I had a few ideas for how to represent the trees but didn’t want to use them all on the same bag in case it looked messy, so I have stored some ideas away for next time:)

The handle cord has the same bands of colour as the sky had, with the dark yarn between each band.

And thats it for the Hundertwasser inspired stuff at the moment :)


Sonnentaucher Filzlinge said...

Das ist Kunst, danke für die Inspirationen. Die Schlaufen sind eine gute Idee.
Bald ist kreatives Wochenende...liebe Grüße..Jana

Terriea Kwong said...

Such a pretty, delicate bag of picture. Love the theme. The stitches are a touch of love & art. The whole piece is a Masterpiece. I love this most. Looking forward to seeing your other ieas. You're inspiring.

Fiona said...

That is fabulous. So much work.

Unknown said...

Oh Deborah that is just gorgeous, i love the embroidery you did on it to, it really does set it off. I also really love the way you do the handles. Beautiful work as always :)

FeltersJourney said...

Dankeschon Jana :)
Dic schliefen sind ein bisschen fummelig, aber Ich mag sic auch

Thank you Terrie, Fiona and Karen

Tracy Markey said...

another wow! i love your bag, the colours work so well together and the embroidery sets everything off perfectly :)x