Sunday, 23 September 2012

A bit Ruffled..

This week 3 out of 4 projects had RUFFLES!  I'm not usually into frills or fanciness so not sure where it came from really... maybe the feeling of autumn in the air.

It all started with this scarf..
Thinking of autumn leaves..
Asymmetric - one wide leaf-like end and three lovely long tendrils all with ruffled edges :)
My Truffle Ruffle scarf
I used lots of cream and black tussah silk and gold mulberry silk.
One side is darker, the other brighter
Raspberry Ruffle #1
Not 100% happy with this one.. planning to try again this week
Raspberry Ruffle Beret
I really enjoyed making this hat!  Using colours that I LOVE and experimenting.  I'd been picturing this hat and knew just how I wanted it to be..  I used everything I learned from the ruffle cushions I made last year

Using newspaper to work out the size and shape of the ruffle resists I would need,
and using the newspaper cut-outs as templates to transfer onto painters plastic sheeting

Remembering to number the templates, so I use them in the right order :)
My main hat resist is a circle of foam underlay 48cm (19") diameter.  For wetting out I use COOL soapy water in this, I want it to go slowly.

After laying out 2 perpendicular layers of fibre to encase the resist..
and adding final surface design 

The first resist goes down

2 layers of fibre are applied to the resist.. merino and silk in both layers.
The fibres come past resist by an inch or so onto the hat
BOTH layers running in the same direction
 Having both layer running in the same direction means there will be more elasticity in the felt, allowing me to stretch and manipulate it into a ruffle.

AFter wetting the first ruffle, the second resist is inset about a half an inch from the first resist
and the fibres are applied in the same way.
Wetted thoroughly (still with cool water) and covered in painters plastic
 I spent about an hour gently rubbing this, concentrating especially on the ruffles.  After an hour I gave it a  hundred rolls in each direction, sandwiched in bubblewrap. 

Cut a hole for the opening and sealed it with soapy fingers
 I used a cellulose sponge to remove as much water as possible at this point, then wetted it thoroughly with very warm soapy water and continued rolling, stretching and working it as usual.. stopping regularly to stretch and shape the ruffle, gently at first so as not to damage it.

This needed to felt down a lot (it was the size of a dustbin lid to begin with :)  For final shrinkage I took it out of the bubble wrap and rolled it in a damp towel, throwing and pummelling it a little too.

After rinsing, spinning and pulling back into shape I dried it on a hat block overnight


Terriea Kwong said...

Love all the ruffles. The scarves of autumn theme are so pretty and the hat is charming.

Heather Woollove said...

What a terrific tutorial, and what a romantic hat!
Love your scarf experimentation, too! XO-

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Heather & Terrie.. I've been playing again today with my raspberry ruffle remake :)