Saturday, 13 April 2013

Serene Spirals

After working with all the lovely bright colours on my last lot of spiralling work.. I fancied working with some soft, neutral colours.  To be honest mostly because I have a LOT of the lovely chunky BFL boucle yarn (that I used in the spirals) naturally dyed in soft beiges and creamy tones, and I really want to start using them.

I decided to make a small tote bag with a Big spiral spreading up from the bottom of the bag.

Gathered all my soft, pretty fibres and some yarns together
Made bag and pocket resists
inner pocket design.. a pink and yellow spiral with cream tussah silk behind
6 fibre layers encase the bag resist
Drew a big spiral half on and half off the bag
After flipping it I carefully brought each strand of the spiral up onto
the second side and  placed it where I wanted .
Inner pocket.. love these pink and yellow spirals :)
I forgot to take photos for a while now :S  But I decided to cut the reinforcing for the handle from a lovely light green woollen blanket which I have fulled in the washing machine.  

I blanket stitched the reinforcing inplace with pretty pink embroidery thread
'Cos this was a shallow bag I think it needed a closure.
I use the sew on magnetic snaps.. they are kinder to the felt in the long term.
I stitch them onto patches of felt, then stitch the patches onto the bag
inner.. I think it distributes the force when pulling them open
This was the second side that I laid the spiral on
Added a random cluster of vintage buttons.. Oh how I love buttons :)


Felting Sunshine said...

love the circles! The design for the bag is great too. Your projects are always finished off so nicely. :)

Heather Woollove said...

I love the new, truncated shape of this one, Deborah!
...great embellishments and closures, too! XO-

Wendy said...

it's lovely, I love the way you've positioned the spiral and the little one inside. what do you make your resists from?

CLAUDIA said...

Hello, i like your bag very very much! Well done!


Janine said...

How cool and clever with the spirals. It us a real beuaty!!

Ginny Huber said...

What a fine tutorial and lovely project this is, Deborah! I like what you did with the spirals, pockets and embellishments...I'm interested, too in the way you sewed on the snaps and reinforced the handles. Nice work, indeed! Thanks.

Karen said...

Wow Deborah the bag looks beautiful, love the spiral and your embellishments are perfect, your very clever xoxo

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks ladies :) I do love hearing from you xoxo

Wendy, I make my resists from foam floor underlay material, the sort that goes under laminate flooring. I buy 10m rolls from B&Q