Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Warm wishes to you all this summer solstice!

It is rather grey and misty here..  good job I made a solstice lantern to brighten things up a bit :)

I started off  by cutting a resist to fit my jar.
I planned to use Shetland fibre in 2 fine layers, not having felted with Shetland for aaages I allowed
the same shrinkage as I would expect from merino
Scattered lots of silk and linen fibres, then drew a simple sun
added some nice yarn
And proceeded to felt it as usual.  Turns out Shetland really doesn't shrink as much as merino..  so I was most fortunate to have a bigger jar handy :)

Once it was fairly snug on the jar I slipped it on
and with soapy hands worked it to fit the shape of the bottom and neck
I lit a tea light candle inside last night to help it dry quicker..
it shone up a treat
This morning I've added a brass wire handle, with jade beads
threaded on.  I think the wire may get hot, but hope that the jade
will remain cooler.. we shall see
 I added a couple of dangles..

brass I ching coin
Glass beads and spirals
This was very quick and simple.. it would be a nice project to work on with kiddies I think.  

I'm planning to give this to a good friend of mine this afternoon.. I just know she will be celebrating at a fire pit somewhere :)  she can take a little lantern along too.

I shall have pools of candlelight tonight as my quiet little solstice celebration :)  



Unknown said...

Fantastyczny pomysł. W wakacje koniecznie powinnaś wybrać się do Polski. Zapraszam na Warmię.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Karolina :)
I'd love to see Poland.. it looks beautiful

Unknown said...

What a wonderful project! I like the idea of insulating the glass with the wool, no burnt fingers to worry about when it's used as a lantern.

FeltersJourney said...

You're right Kelly, it really did insulate it well.. I had it burning for 5 hours or more and it was fine for picking up even after all that time :)

Jeany said...

Super work!! Love the little light!