Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Boot Style

I had a customer recently who brought this pair of boots.. one of my favourite pairs, I love this colour combo..  and while she was generally happy with them I get the feeling that she had expected them to fasten tighter around the leg. 

Purple and green Icelandic with soft slate blue leather soles
The fasteners on this style of boots are only intended to close the flap up and keep drafts off your ankles.   I have no intention of changing the way that I make these boots 'cos I'm very happy with them (and so has everyone else that has ever had a pair) but it got me thinking about adding a new design to my repertoire. Booties that fit snuggly around the legs. 

Lucky for me I had dabbled here before :)  do you remember these?
Green Icelandic with leather soles
I made these for Rachael.. must be about 4 years ago now.  They had a pretty cotton gusset sewn into the tongue area, and laces over the tongue.  I loved the look of these.. the only down side was that they took a while to put on and take off. 

I decided a couple of years ago to make a very similar pair for myself.. but never got round to finishing them.. the question of how to fasten them got in the way.  They have been sitting in my UFO (UnFinished Object) basket ever since.  

So, I got them out and gathered the other materials.  I decided to make a pair with a quick release fastening rather than laces.. Velcro was my friend for this :)
Gathering materials
Fixing velcro tabs with zig-zag machine stitch.
I placed the scratchy part on the leg of the boots and the soft on the flaps
Once the velcro was sewn on both sides the flap was stitched on.
The flap is 2 layers of felt, velcro sewn to the inner,
then the 2 pieces joined with a zig-zag stitch all round the outside.
Closes nice and snug.  The velcro means it's easily adjustable to fit different width legs
The boys think they look like SuperHero boots..
these must belong to The Green Hornet lol :)
I'm really pleased with how they turned out.. it's nice to of finished a new boot design.  

I just needed a guinea-pig to wear them now :)  and I knew the perfect person.  My mom is feeling the cold this year.. and she is probably the most 'awkward to please with footwear' person that I know, so I'm sure I will soon know how much she likes wearing them!  So far she is loving them.. shuffling round in her Green Hornet boots with warm ankles :)


Heather Woollove said...

Deborah-Great new style! (I think it's terrific that you have your own 'product testing department' in your Mom!)

Jacqui Galloway said...

Like the new design but I have fallen in love with the purple pair. They're fab x

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :)

Heather my mom makes a good guinea-pig :) she isn't shy of saying if she thinks something could be better lol. xx

Oh Jacquie, I was rather hoping that pair didn't sell.. I think there were only a few weeks left and then they would of been mine. Guess I shall have to buy more of those colours now.. :) The boots I've been wearing the last couple years are greys, and while I love em and they're far from needing replacing, I'm longing for colourful boots again.. xx

Lyn said...

Really good way to fasten the boots (and isn't it great to get something out of the unfinished box!)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I love the cotton gusset pair. Such a pretty addition to the felt...lookin cosy!

FeltersJourney said...

Oh my goodness Lyn it really does feel sooooo good to get them finished :)

Thanks Kerry :)