Monday, 28 July 2014

A finished Lizard

I really didn't have much more work to do when I got home.. just hot water and rolling from nose to tail and vice versa.  
After rinsing and spinning
I stuffed him with wool fibre & pinned his tail in position to dry
Dried and released.. love the curl :)
Now some beady glass eyes.
these have been in my stash for about 9 years and were just right for him
A finished lizard
101cm / 40" from the ends of his fingers to the tip of his tail
Basking in the sun by the pond
I love the raised features..
I think 'Oscar' suits him for some reason :)

I'm so glad I did this workshop!  It was actually the first one I've attended but won't be the last I hope..

And I brought goodies home with me..

Judit's book 'On Gentle Threads'
and some gorgeous Piiku batts


Ali said...

Wow! Oscar is awesome!
Love the curl in his tail and all his fab felty features.
Hope he will be the first of many lizardy inspired creatures!
Ali x


Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Unknown said...

This looks like a rather lengthy process! Your lizard is soooo cute, though. Nice job! I like the raised bits too. The added dimension gives it character. I love all the colors the artists used, too...great project.

Jacqui Galloway said...

Oscar suits him very well.
He's gorgeous and so colourful
Jacqui x

Lyn said...

Oscar's a beauty! All the lizards are fab and it sounds like a really fun course.

Teri Berry said...

He looks fabulous, I especially love his eye brows, they have a sort of quizzical air to them. Well done :)

Shani said...

Oscar seems to me a perfect name... I love him - the colour and the shape. Must get my head around felting again in the near future.

Best wishes Shani

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks folks :) Glad you like Oscar! His workshop brothers and sisters were all fabulous and astonishingly different from each other. I would LOVE to see photos of all the others finished..

It was a very good workshop, full of interesting techniques learned.. got lots of ideas for applying them to other things now :)