Sunday, 23 November 2014

Industrial Felt

Whenever I've used felt soles or insoles in the past I have always made my own felt.. but think I may just buy the industrial felt from JoesToes in future for them.  When I think about how long it takes to make such a thick hard piece as I would for soles, and how much fibre it uses I'm sure it works out cheaper to buy the industrial..

And as I said last time, Amanda stocks it in some really lovely colours and she very kindly sent me a sample swatch of all the different colours she stocks.

Really pretty felt colours..
The stars are samples of vibram
I wanted to show you this swatch in yesterdays post.. but forgot to take the photo until after it got dark :)

I've got a piece of red and a piece of green waiting to be used.. 


Lyn said...

I hadn't realised that industrial felt came in such lovely colours!
Why not use it for soles - in theory it should be more hardwearing than handmade.

RMK said...

The "industrial" looks great and your time is best used on the creative "effort", IMHO. :)

FeltersJourney said...

Lyn I'd never seen such pretty colours before either.. made deciding to try them out easier :)
I'm sure they will be plenty tough enough too.

RMK, thank you - that's exactly what I thought :)