Sunday, 14 December 2014

Challenge accepted..

I couple of weeks ago a customer - who over the last couple of years has become a pen-friend, asked if I could felt him a hat inspired by his favourite character on the game Mortal Kombat.. Shinnok (a wizard).

image found onlineShinnok - whose hat is red and black..
My friend wanted one in GREEN and black instead
This week I got to work on it.. and I was quite methodical with this one :)   

Resist for the first attempt..
3 layers of superfine (from UNshedded sheep!) black merino for the crown and point -
4 layers of 24 micron emerald green for the brim
Far too weedy!
He'd look like a mad pixie in this one (it was too small too.. it'd shrunk
 more than I expected - possibly because I used SF?  I don't usually use it).
Resist for 2nd attempt was much bigger
There were lots of silk inclusions on both sides of this hat..
cos the brim is turned up I had to lay out the outside of the point and inside of the brim in the first layer..
Then 3 layers for point and crown and 6 layers for brim with the final layer being the inside of the point and
outside of the brim

As always I worked it HARD.. to get a really strong, tight felt.
Drying.. I stuffed plastic carrier bags in between the crown and brim to get the angle

Having the 6 layers in the brim worked much better.. the bifurcated brim is much stronger, with the points stand proudly now :)
Does it suit me :)? 
Looks much better with a chunkier point
and more volume in the crown..

And now it is winging it's way across the Atlantic to its' new home :)  


Terriea Kwong said...

You're creative with your magic hands. Nothing you can't do. Well done Deborah!

Teri Berry said...

Wow - it looks great, think you might be setting a new trend in hat design here :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :) xx

Els said...

Always so great to see all the steps ....
(Happy Holidays !)

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

I often find that it is our customers who motivate us to stretch our talents beyond what we have ever done before. I love the hat!