Saturday, 7 February 2015

Under the Beech Tree - February

Under the Beech Tree
February 2015
Gemstone - Amethyst
Flower -  Primrose

Earlier names for the 2nd month in the UK..
* Anglo-Saxons had 2 names; sol-monath (cake-month) because cakes were offered to the Gods during this month.. and sproutkale from the sprouting of cabbage or kale.
* Was known in Wales as 'y mis bach' - the little month 
* In the days of William Shakespear (around 400 years) it was known as Feverell - I like this one, it sounds lovely.

The modern name of February has only been in use about 100 years.

The snowdrops will be showing their faces soon.. 


1st/2nd Feb - Imbolc
Pagan / Gaelic celebration of the lengthening days and beginning of Spring.  Traditionally a fire festival.

2nd Feb - Candlemas Day.  Related weather-lore..

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright 
      winter will have another fight
But if it be dark with clouds and rain
      winter is gone, and will not come again.

14th Feb - Valentines Day 
St. Valentine was a pagan priest in third century Rome who converted to Christianity.. funny that he became patron saint of lovers since he was famed for his chastity :)

Tuesday 17th February is Pancake Day :) 
We shall be having stacks of American Pancakes with maple syrup, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit YUMMY.  I never bothered about pancakes before.. I'd only had our British ones and didn't really like them.  For my last birthday, in December, a dear friend cooked me brunch.. with American pancakes - I loved 'em and I've made them for the family 4 times since!  

If you have never tried them.. I use this really easy recipe from SomewhatSimple  - it makes lots of totally delicious, fluffy, American Pancakes.

And of course every 4th year we get an extra day :)
Leap years day tradition: Women could, on this one day every 4 years, propose marriage to men.
Apparently it was once law in Scotland that men proposed to on Leap Years Day were forbidden to refuse.. if they did they had to pay a hefty fine.

Well.. that's all the February trivia.. hope you have a good month!

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