Thursday, 24 September 2015

Catching up a little more..

I also got a jump on Halloween in August!  This was nothing to do with me being organised (I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that lol) but rather because I was contacted through my Etsy shop, by a lady who wanted to feature my witchy hats in a magazine this Autumn.  It would be absolutely LOVELY if they do make it into a mag, but on the back of my photography they may not.. we shall see.

Anyway, I spent a week playing around making tiny witches hats - the ones I already had are in a bricks n mortar shop at the moment and I wanted some to put in my Etsy shop incase the feature does happen.

This is one of the pictures I took - quite pleased considering I not only managed to get my hair the way I wanted it :) but took the photos all by myself too.  Using a timed delay - what fun that was dashing back and forth and trying to look relaxed and natural for the snap! :)

This is my own witchy topper made a while back
but the size of the new ones are similar and they're same size.

I did start out with the intention of recording the felting process and adding it as a time-lapse video.. didn't quite work as expected though.  I was quite puzzled to find it had stopped recording part way through.  So I tried again with the next hat, taking up where the first ended.. only for the same thing to happen again!  For some reason it seams that my camera will only record 20 odd minute chunks. 

Laying out the fibre

It looks like my hands are just vibrating on this video but I was actually rolling back and forth, faster movements are lost in the the time-lapse.  I did 75 back and forth rolls each time between turns.


I just watched and noticed that I was holding it off camera part of the time while I 
was rolling the brim!  And a lot of smaller movements don't show up due to the time-lapse.. :(

I finished up with a nice little collection..

Gathered black lace veil / train

Gathered iridescent organza -
cut edges sealed over a candle then heat distorted and tattered.

I LOVE how you get flashes of colour change with both of the organza fabrics, they pick up the colours in the witches hats nicely.  Wonder if I could/should do a full sized hat with veil (or is it a train being as it's at the back?)...?


Els said...

Ha ! Lovely hats !!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Els :) x

Heather Woollove said...

You are GORGEOUS, my sweet friend! You need to feature your beautiful self more often!! X

FeltersJourney said...

What a lovely compliment Heather :) Thank you! xx