Saturday, 20 November 2010

More slipper talk

Its that time of year when the weeks start to whip by! On Wednesday I was joined by a lovely lady for a slipper workshop.

This is the first time Ive taught someone how to make slippers (especially `my way`) so it was a bit nerve wracking... Dawn is such a sweetie I needn`t of worried, we had a good laugh and got lots of work done too... we had a great day! Unfortunately I didnt take any photos though... by the time I remembered it was dark outside & indoor photos with artifical light never look good.

Dawn went home with a gorgeous pair of slippers in my favourite lime green & teal - they are lovely. And a vessel which was about 3/4 done... just needed a bit more fulling and shaping. Im hoping Dawn sends me photos & then I shall post them.

I really do enjoy teaching felting... Did I mention that Ive been asked to go into our local Primary school again next term? The topic is space... and Im already making plans. I have to go take down the sea creatires exhibition this week & deliver it to school.
What else did I do this week? Well I felted a pair of custom boots, finished them this morning..

These have been specially made for a very nice lady in Ireland... I decided to use the thickest part of my leather hide for the soles on this pair... as they are bound for being worn in a very cold studio. OMG it was tough to sew on... took just over 2 hours to sew them on even AFTER they had been soaked and the sewing holes already made! I couldnt sew for the rest of the day, my poor fingers were too sore - which is why they were just finished this morning.
Ive found it such a learning experience sewing leather soles on that Im planning to post `tips for handsewing leather soles` just gotta find time to write it now :D lol
Tomorow I get to collect my drum carder YAY...
Anyhoo, have a good weekend folks whatever you are upto xxx


Unknown said...

I wish I could come and learn how to make slippers from you! I love your work!

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

I'm looking forward to your sole tutorial - I could sure use one! And thanks for the kind comment on my work.

Highland Monkey's said...

What lush looking slipper boots. THey are a beautiful colour. If I lived nearer you could teach me!

Pogostemon said...

I love these! They look so warm and comfortable. Such great use of colour too.

Clare Atfield said...

Is that your handiwork at Haden Hill?