Saturday, 13 November 2010

In a nutshell

WOW its been a while! Ive really neglected my poor little bloggy the past few weeks...

OK whistle stop tour of whats been going on round here...

I got Heathers lovely wallhanging hung! Its in my living room & I LOVE it. I handstitched a calico `tube` to the back so I could thread the pole through to hang it. Shame the light hasnt been so good the last few days... the photo is a little dark

I have felted a few more pairs of slippers. I did much debating and deliberation over the pumpkin orange boots... I wanted to keep them for myself, but the red & blue ones I`d listed in my shop were getting a nice amount of attention & I really felt I should put another pair up. The answer (of course) make another pair & keep the originals :)

The green boots are my prototype new design `FrankinBoots` (as in Frankinstein cos of the side stitching). I changed my mind about where I wanted the opening to be on these... Id cut it diagonally at the side, and then decided they should go straight up the front. SO, with nothing to lose I witchstiched the side cuts shut & worked the felt some more until it was sealed. Turns out to of been a happy accident, I like the way it looks. Although the next pair shant have real cuts beneath the stitch detail.. lol. Doesnt matter with these though as they are part of Rachaels Christmas pressie (so Im having to keep them hidden!) I have sewn gussets into the front opening, and stitched jumprings to the front for the felted laces to go through. Im not sure about the name though... FrankinBoots. I personally like it & think it suits how quirky they are, but is that just my slightly weird sence of humor? What do you think? Will it put people off if I like them to Frankinstein :) ?

I felted another shawl from CorgiHillFarm Batts...

Im creating hammered wire pins to go with all of my shawls at the moment... Im really enjoying myself with them. I have a sweet simple white shawl in my shop that Ive made a pin for today... I love this one. It has a handmade lampwork bead from BlueBoxStudio , I brought 3 sets of gorgeous lampwork beads from Sue this week, and this is from one of them... they are all gorgeous & each bead is individual (& you know how much I like that)

Ooo and Im getting a drum carder!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! Its being made for me as we speak & will deserve its very own post when I receive it :)

Anyway, there you go, the past couple of weeks in a nutshell. Im off now to bake a plum cake for my nans birthday :) Might have to do 2 to keep the kids off nans cake...

Have a good weekend xx


Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Deborah...I couldn't be more excited... seeing 'our' piece in a 'place of pride' on your wall! I am touched and honored by the way you've displayed it, and really love the hardware you used, too!!
Drum carders are so great!!! I don't know whether you ever read my series of posts on their use? If you'd be at all interested, here's the link to post #1:
You have been really busy and productive lately! Your boots are totally amazing (I want to come and take a class with you on them!!!)...and yes, I LOVE FrankenBoots!!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks for the link Heather, I am most definately interested & will be having a good read of your tutorial :) Im really excited to be getting one!

I LOVE our wallhanging! Waiting for my s-i-l to visit, she will be GREEN with envy!

Thanks for the boots compliment (glad Im not alone in liking FrankenBoots lol :) I have a lady coming tomorow for a slipper tutorial (Im a bit nervous - she is the first)...


Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--I'm glad that you're checking out the tutorial! I know that your drum carder will enable you to make even MORE fabulous projects than before.
How exciting about your slipper tutorial tomorrow!!! (Whaaaaah...wish it were ME instead of her!!!)
You'll see...pretty soon you'll be an international felting superstar and will be teaching classes all over the world! (Maybe here in Philly where we 'knew you when'??!?!? :)

FeltersJourney said...

:D lol Heather that sounds like fun!
Checked out your tutorials (thank you) & have watched Rexannes videos (she is great isnt she?!) Im so excited...cant wait!