Sunday, 20 March 2011

Addition to my menagerie :)

Just a quick post.. wanted to unveil my latest critter:

I havent got a name yet.....

My penguin doorstop :)  He is about the same height as the moongazing hare - just his beek makes him taller.

I dyed grey Norwegian wool black - it actually went dark charcoal grey, not black.  I used this for the base layers of all the black areas, with white Norwegian for the white bits.  The top layer is merino.  The dark grey Norwegian has come through the jet black merino & given it a lovely texture.. I'm really happy with that.

As with the hare he is seamless, made over a penguin shaped resist.. there was about 40% shrinkage during felting.  His flippers were formed over flipper shaped resists with dry fibre sticking out at the body end and I worked the ends into the body, in between layers as I was laying him out.  With plastic in between during felting to prevent them felting into the body.

He has a 500g rice bag in his bottom and some pretty blue wave like design cotton to finish him off.

This was my favourite project of the week.  Other than that the only felting was a scarf I played around with.. Its a collage of felt and lace fabrics & chiffon.  Havent take any photos as yet though (the penguin took over & stole the show).  Apart from that there has been work, shopping & getting work done on my car to eat the week away. 



Kelly said...

your penguin is sooooo nice! I love the coloring and the wonderfully smooth look that you were able to achieve!

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--You're right...I never would have guessed a penguin!! He's wonderful, though!! Each of your animals is delightful in its own way. Keep 'em coming! :)

narkeymarkey said...

awww, your penguin is fabulous! would never have thought a penguin could have looked so elegant :)x