Friday, 4 March 2011


This morning I had the absolute pleasure of the first Woolgathering! 

Brenda & Susie came along, Clare had planned to come - but having given birth to her first child just 5 days ago, she couldnt make it. We were thinking of you though my dear & wishing you well - I cant wait to come cuddle your little princess. 

We had a really lovely morning!  There was a good deal of tea drinking, book browsing and fibre fondling - as you might expect from a group of fibre addicts.  I thought that it would be nice for us 'founding members' to each have a Sheepish pin..(pictured in the last post)   so the girls got to choose a little lambie to take home with them.. my flock is getting smaller again :)

Susie has issued a challenge over the next month.  She gave each of us a gorgeous tiny metal picture frame... which we are going to fill and bring along to the next meeting.  Quite exciting this... 

Whole new territory for me working on something so small! 

Now the sun is shining - and there is Spring in my heart.  This week has been satisfyingly productive, both in relation to felt made and... 

 A friend safely delivered a health babe.....

Our first Woolgathering went really well ... I have just spent a whole morning chatting with 2 friends over felt & fibre - sidestepping occasionally into such realms as music, yoga & strange phobias :)  It has done me good.

Hope you have an excellent weekend - whatever you have planned


Heather Woollove said...

What fun!! It sounds like you're off to a wonderful start (and fiber people make the very best kinds of friends!!) XXO--

Anonymous said...

I am a very lucky Woolgatherer indeed! :D
Proper thank you on its way but had to pop over here & say Thank You so much! I would still be there now if Brenda hadn't mentioned the time! ;)
It was a real treat to spend time with the pair of you, and in such beautiful surroundings :) I thoroughly enjoyed myself Deborah, and can't wait for the next meeting :)
Have a blissful weekend, filled with sunlight (I hope!)
Love to you all xXx Q

FeltersJourney said...

Very good start Heather - it was lovely :)

Im glad you enjoyed it too Suzie :) My lovely daffodils are open today and lighting up the kitchen with their golden glow - I decided to keep them in the blue jug.. they look so pretty in it - thank you for them :)


narkeymarkey said...

sounds like a perfect gathering! i'm intrigued by the little metal picture frame ... can't wait to see what you make of it :)