Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Woolgatherers Challenge #1

Tiny Frames
Challenge set by Sue ~ who also kindly provided the frames.

Sue is still working on her piece so unfortunately its not featured here
These frames are so pretty, and SO tiny!  The area where the picture goes measures just 15mm x 13mm.

Brenda Marshall
 This stunning little landscape is made from embroidery threads.  Fantastic!

Clare Atfield
E is for Evie - Clares beautiful baby girl.  Patiently knitted on super skinny needles :)

 I embroidered the hand on a scrap of felt.  The ribbon is frayed bias cut silk, handpainted.  All the symbols on the frame are often associated with Goddesses.. so I stuck with the theme :)

Next time: Vintage beads & buttons



Shani said...

These are gorgeous... love the colours and the techniques...

Best wishes

Heather Woollove said...

How wonderful! What a great 'challenge' for your new group!! Super.