Saturday, 25 June 2011

Progress photos - felting my wave

I usually get so caught up in my projects that I forget to take progress pics.. I am trying to remember though.  And I did take a few as I was laying out the wave panel in my recent cushion cover..
4 merino base layers
You cant tell from this photo (on my moniter you cant anyway!) but the base layers were all a deep Atlantic blue that I had dyed myself.  I used Landscape dye for this, now I have always found Landscapes to be very colour-fast - I like them.  But I wanted a very deep, dark blue so I used the full amount of dye for the dry-weight of fibre I was using.. to get the deepest colour possible from it.  Dont know quite what I did wrong (maybe should of cooked it a little longer?) even though I thought I'd rinsed the fibre well.. when I started felting with HOT water the blue ran! 

I liked it just like this..without doing anything else to it at all.
On the surface I used LOADS of white silk for the surf & spindrift; mawata silk hankies & caps, throwsters waste, and some bleeched linen fibres too. 

I added a some white merino to the mix too
So, with all this white detail, I started to panic a little when the blue started to run..  Nothing much to do really though at that point but keep going and see how it turns out.

Close up of what had been white surf. 
This photo catches the sheen of the silk quite well..
The colour run did lend a blue-hue to the white areas, but it was a happy accident - I really like it.  To me it looks like waves do in bright sunshine.. you know when they are sparkling so brightly that it almost hurts to look at them? 

I DID forget to take a photo of the finished panel BEFORE trimming and sewing
I trimmed the edges nice and square with my rotary cutter, and added a nice backing fabric with a double row of stitching around the edge.

So, now I really must try to remember to take more pics..  I do have one more recent (& as yet untold) project with lots of pics to share with you later in the week :)

TTFN xx 


JR said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

Charlotte said...

That is a beautiful piece of felt, the colours are gorgeous and the curve of the wave is fantastic

martine said...

That is just lovely, the final effect is very effective.
thanks for sharing

Ali said...

That is one wonderful wave Deborah! I really like the unfelted one too!
I often like the 'fluff' versions of wet or needlefelted pieces as much as the transformed final result!
I'm enjoying your blog, dyeing and felting - keep up the great work
Ali ;-)

Unknown said...

I love this pillow...I actually had my hubby come over to the computer to look at Love to see the process, since I am such a visual person. I think you need to come visit Florida so you can teach me!!!

Heather Woollove said...

I really love this post! It's fun when you do process photos. You are a real artist with your designs, too, Deborah!

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah
It turned out beautiful regardless of the dye running. Reminds me of home along our coast :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments - I'm grinning from ear to ear at the moment after reading them, & am determined to take more progress pics in future.

Lindy and Paul said...

I love how the wave turned out!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Lindy :)

Shani said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us... I love the photo reporting being very new to feltmaking - this is inspirational..
best wishes