Saturday, 17 September 2011

Felt and Stitch

My sewing machine is getting a good workout lately! :)  This week has found me felting boots - I have 2 pairs 'on the go' - neither quite finished yet - and making hanging felt hearts for a commission.  I went to town with the stitchery on these.. adding abstract shaped felt appliques & machine embroidery to a nice textural piece of felt. 

Absolutely stuffed full of lovely lavender buds.. these are nice fat hearts :)
This is just 6 of the 11 I made..

I had so much fun applique-ing and embroidering these..
I just LOVE the dimensional effect of stitching into felt!
Working on the heart project got my imagination going.. as soon as I had finished them I stitched a hanging Christmas tree filled with allspice berries and cloves to smell like Christmas :) ...

And then went  off at a tangent thinking about holidays & seasonal stuff - Halloween.  The night before we had watched Batman Begins (Christian Bale is my fave Batman!) and I guess this must of still been in my mind 'cos I suddenly started picturing a felt bat with stitched details & swarovski crystal eyes

You cant really tell in this pic but the eyes GLOW.  They are AB swarovski crystal and sooo irridescent.  He is nice and chunky too - I used 2 layers of felt to stitch into
And THEN following the Halloween vein I felted a witches pointy hat! Hows that for random?  Its still drying at the mo.. pics to follow soon :)

Anyhoo.. time to go rustle up some food for my lot - enjoy the weekend folks


RMK said...

Very nice hearts! I have a small pile of hearts that I've needle felted. I'm planning to dye them with cochineal, so you've inspired me to finish them ..... funny that I had also laid out some felted triangles and started to work on a Christmas tree!

Heather Woollove said...

What wonderful projects, Deborah!! Wow! What a nice way to use up extra bits of finished felt...
and I love the idea of stuffing them with different spices/scents! XXO-

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you both :)

RMK they do say 'great minds think alike' :) I love the colour of cochineal dyed anything - so rich and raspberry-lishous... perfect for felt hearts!

Heather I'm up to my ears in little offcut bits.. never can bring myself to throw 'em out - as you say it is lovely to find a use for them :)


Ali said...

What beautiful stuffed and stitched felty the idea of the spice filled tree and the hearts are sumptuous!
Holy wooliness, cool bat! (though I imagine Christian Bale's BM is a bit more serous than Adam West's!)
Ali x

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Ali :)
Not sure about Adam West.. I googled him - but havent seen the series.. Christian Bale makes a very deep, moody & smouldering BM (as you may guess lol)
Good to hear from you x