Saturday, 24 September 2011

This weeks makes..

Ooo I've had a wonderfully productive week - I have been a bit of a felt-o-holic to be honest!  It feels so good to of made everything I hoped & planned to at the start of the week..  I havent had much computer time at all & I'm running out of time today I just really wanted to show you what I've been upto :)

As promised.. last weeks witches hat :D
 I played around with vintage silk sarees and nuno felting..

This is an asymetric wrap/scarf with a crinkle silk chiffon.. love the turning leaf colours

This one uses the softest prettiest silk chiffon sari I ever saw!

Just noticed you cant see the sari fabric on this pic - duh! 
It has the same emerald green silk as the skinny scarf below

With emerald green vintage sari with peacocks & deer, dancers & musicians pictured

And 2 pair of boots ready to go!  I felted the blue/white ones last week but finished them off with toggles & ties this week.

The blue & white are Norwegian - super thick & snuggly
Purple & blue with green accents  are Icelandic (am I obsessing with halloween colour combos?) 
I have a lovely customer looking for size 6.5 (UK) as these are both 7s, & I dont really do half sizes, I'm hoping one of them may find their home quickly :)
They have been loooong days this week! 

And now my spare time has gone.. I'm off to bring the washing in before it gets dark.  Have a good weekend folks


krex said...

Every thing looks wonderful and isn't great when you have the time and energy to do so much experimenting .

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Krex.. think I'm making up for lost time lol x

Ruth said...

Wow! Lots of hard work. Love the hat.

Terrie said...

Such great and lovely pieces you've made. All are gorgeous. The previous posts of felt and stitches are wonderful.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Ruth & Terrie :)

Ruth, the hat is sitting in my dining room, looking at me, willing me to try it on.. I think it really is a magic hat.. (and that maybe I should make myself a nice non-witchy felt hat that I can wear out lol)