Monday, 23 April 2012

And my mystery resist project is.....

da-da-da-daaaaaa................... A HEDGEHOG :)     
Well 2 hedgehogs actually..  Here it is in pictures

Its a twin hedgehog resist :) nose to bum
Covered in 2 layers of white Norwegian then 3 layers of natural brown merino
and tan-brown merino for the face
Wetted, rubbed and ready to roll.. 
Cutting to remove the resists.. and separate the hedgehogs
Time to get physical :)
I worked them hard and shrunk them down well
Stuffed the noses with a plastic carrier bag &
the bodies with tea towels to hold the shape while they dry
I used a remnant of tweed wool fabric, cut into LOADS of small strips (300+) which I folded in half and stitched the middle of each strip to the body to make his prickles... much the same as with my lions mane, but the strips are wider and I figured out a more efficient way of sewing them on so it was quicker (thank goodness).  I think the hedgehog shape was simpler to cover too...

I stuffed him with local wool fleece and stitched a rice pack with a leather base.

Handstitched the rice-pack base in with upholstery thread
So named because his prickles are made from a remnant :) 
His eyes are black plastic shank button
 My first hedgehog is complete :)  The other one will have to wait for now..  

Following yesterdays post.. Unfortunately my friend Lindsey didn't get through to the live shows on The Voice last night.. I think that she should of gone through, as does everybody that I have spoken to.. but there you go. 

Anyway.. thats it from me for now, I'm off for a cup of tea and an early night - I am shattered today


krex said...

Very cool concept and design . Keep up the great work .

FeltFinland said...

He just brilliant - the tweed makes perfect prickles!

CRAZY DAZY said...

so cute....i thought it might be a penguin, ali

Lyn said...

The hedgehog's face is so sweet! He looks terrific. I didn't guess what the resist was going to be - that was a surprise.
I love the lion and the lamb too.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you girls, glad you like him :)

Ali that would be one tubby penguin lol


FELT! by Gina said...

Really fantastic - he's fabulous.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Gina :)

Ruthie Redden said...

He is very cute, i would never have guessed in a milion years though x