Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Busy busy..

My garden is a hive of activity today!  Gary and the kids are re-landscaping an area of our garden to add a pond!

My 2 hard at work -
Gary and Rachael were taking grass up and Matthew relaying it
Just after I took this the 2 little boys from up the road came around and joined in too.  Gary rummaged and found protective gloves for them all to wear .. and the little 'un ended up wearing Garys hard hat too :)  It was so sweet watching them all working away (our helpers are 6 & 10 bless 'em).  Now Rachael has gone with the boys and their mom to feed their ponies, sheep and chickens.

This all came about because my lovely man rescued a pond full of fish last week!  He surveyed a house who's owner died back in December.. there was a pond in the back garden and its his employers policy to have ponds filled in before a new tenant is allowed to move in (incase they have small children).  Gary did his usual thing and checked whether the pond was occupied.. it was.  There was no family or friends to take the fish and they would of died when the pond was filled.. So next day he took our fish moving boxes, a bucket and a net.. and went fishing :) 

He emptied it to the very last bucket to be sure nobody was left behind - there were just 8 goldfish and they all came home to our tank.  Originally we planned to rehome them.. but Bob (the rescued goldfish from this time last year - abandoned in a tank in an empty house for AGES) has gotten pretty huge now and will need to go in a pond soon too.  It may sound silly but we have all got very attached to Bob, he's a very friendly fishy :) the idea of him not having to leave home is nice.

SO, we now have all the supplies.. Gary has a week off (and the kids are off for Easter) so my man gets to play with building blocks and sand out in the garden.. yes he is like a little boy, he gets excited when he has a nice creative building project to work on :). 

I cant wait to see it.. think its going to be lovely.  I'll post pics when its done

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