Sunday, 13 May 2012


This past few weeks have been a real treat for us!  We are hearing barn and tawny owls shrieking and hooting in the woods about 40ft from the house..  We hear them quite often all year round, but just lately they are really close pretty much every night :)  

Just over a week ago we have an even bigger surprise.. we had a little-owl perched on a fence post right next to the house.  He was getting a lot of grief from a couple of thrushes; they were chattering and swooping at him.    After a few minutes sitting on the fence, the thrushes had landed in the field (about 15ft from the window I was watching from) and the little-owl swooped down and jumped on one of them!  The thrush threw him off and they had a bit of a 'stand-off' for a few minutes before all flying back into the woods.  The first ever wild owl that I have seen and in BROAD DAYLIGHT too - amazing!

Anyway, all these owlish experiences (as you may expect :) made me want to create OWLS!  In the form of teapot cosies..

Owl number 1 (my first born lol)
 From an owl-shaped resist.. 3 layers of white English wool fibre and 3 layers of coloured merino.. with pretty silk chiffon sari for his tummy.

Vintage button eyes
This first one is currently flying to Amsterdam.. hope his wings don't get tired :)

Owl number 2
 You can see the chiffon sari easier on this ones tummy.. I used it in his eyes too (different sari - a golden orange)
Got my eye on you!
More vintage buttons
Sari tail feathers too :)
I must admit these really make me smile :)  This is the first time I have used white English fibre.. it is certainly slower than my usual fibres (merino, BFL, Norwegian, Icelandic & Gotland) BUT I actually really do like it for the teacosies.. when it finally felts, it felts well.. but it still feels a bit spongy, and seems to hold heat really well so hopefully the teapots will benefit from this.



Gill Pinkney said...

twit a these owls xx

Charlotte said...

He is absolutely lovely. We have been hearing the owls here too, tawneys mainly. Although school had a visit from Alex the Barn owl and Khan the Bengali Owl this week. I got to hold Alex and stroke his beautiful feathers.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Gill & Charlotte :)

Lucky you Charlotte - things like that are really special and memorable.


krex said...

These are so cool . I like the play with colors and Zen design .

Heather Woollove said...

How cute. I know what you mean about spongy wool. My friend, Jay's Hog Island roving is like that! XXO-

Els said...

These owls are wonderful Deborah !!!
I love how the wings go on from the front to the back, and the little nuno added ... you can be proud of yourself, girl !

Fiona said...

Woo hoo these are fantastic. they have cheered me up on a grey day.

Алевтина said...

Nice owls, i'm in love with the pink one: so lovely and cozy :)

FeltersJourney said...

Yay more folks who love owls :) Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Krex, I was certainly in a zen-like state felting them (I usually am - I LOVE felting) :)

I have the most beautiful fancy white pigeon here this afternoon - he's been drinking from the pond, running round the garden eating bird seed and bread.. hand driving Amber, my youngest dog, crazy :) she doesn't understand why I wont let her play with him


Silver Moss Jewellery said...

These are fantastic! I've heard owls quite a few times, but have always managed to miss seeing one so far . . . daylight or not!

CRAZY DAZY said...

these are great, ali

Terrie said...

Both are fantastic. So "cozy" looking. Love two. The 2nd one is my favour. Love the color of purple/pink. The nuno textures are GREAT.

Clare Atfield said...

It's been ages since I have caugh up with your work, but it looks great. We are watching The Gruffalo with Evie and she likes the mouse - I like owls, so it's a good combination. I love the lion too.

FeltersJourney said...

We always LOVED the Gruffalo :) It was both of our kids favourite book & we had so many lovely snuggly story times reading it together :)

Good to hear from you x