Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pond update :)

Well after weeks of cold, grey, rainy and windy days we have finally had a couple of NICE days!  I took a photo of the finished pond area day before yesterday..  

 cold, beautifully sunny and the wind was fierce (as you can see from the little fountain in the middle of the pond, and leaves blowing about the gravel!)
I LOVE our little pond area.. its given us a focus for all of our beach treasures, and I have sea pinks / thrift in the two pots on the right - they will be flowering all along the coastal cliffs about now.

We have another fishy refugee living in our pond too!  Gary surveyed an empty property on Friday last week, when he went into the garden he saw that they had a pond.. but the tenants parting action had been to fill it with stone and rubble, in what looked like a deliberate attempt to kill anything living in there.  He picked up an upside down, partly submerged plant pot at the edge.. the pot had been full of soil and plants but his friend just caught a flicker of white moving.. it turned out to be a lovely big white goldfish - must be 8" long!  Gary said the only thing that must of saved him was getting trapped under the plant pot so they couldn't see him and fortunately the big stones they threw in didn't land on the pot!  He did take the time to empty the rubble out and feel around, but there was nothing else living.  This lucky fishy came home in a hastily emptied out plastic tub.  One very lucky fishy indeed.. he has settled right into our pond and seems as happy as a pig in muck.  We have named him NORBERT.. well, 'he's gor' ave a name dun he?  ' (as Hagrid said of his baby dragon in Harry Potter :)   Our rescue fish always have to have a name (apart from the 7 brown goldfish from last time.. they are collectively known as the phantom fish 'cos you rarely see them.. the 8th fish is Fat Fish and of course theres BOB :)

I have had a lovely productive week so far - so much to blog about and so little time.. I must find time!
More soon xx


Anonymous said...

The pond looks gorgeous, so is the landscaping around it.
I do try to comment more, but I can never get the captcha things right, sorry :(

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Zed, its a peaceful little sanctuary :)

I'm glad you mentioned the captcha.. I didn't realise it was on. I've turned it off cos I always find it a pain too

krex said...

What a beautiful pond, fish survival story and view . Counting your blessings, there are more then a few . (Sorry, temporarily possessed by Dr Suess)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Krex :)