Thursday, 14 March 2013


Just a quicky today.. I promised to post pictures of my Radagast #2 hat on its' new owner if he didn't mind me doing so..  The hat arrived about a week ago and Pete sent me a couple of great photos which he is happy for me to use :)  

Looking very wizardly
Pete is putting together a Radagast costume to wear to Renaissance Fairs' and festivals this year .. sounds like he will be having quite a bit of fun!  The lovely thing is that he is planning to wear it out of costume in the colder weather too, to keep his head warm :)

I watched The Hobbit for the second time over the weekend.. and OMG I loved it just as much second time around.  There is something so satisfying at seeing a book that you have been imagining since you were a child brought to life .. and done so very well!  I love it.  I remember the first time I watched The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (from the new Narnia films) I was on the verge of tears most of the way through.. I'd been imagining it since I was about 7 (when I read the book for the first time) and there it was JUST the way I'd imagined it.. beautiful.  The Hobbit doesn't have quite that effect on me but only in the sense that I don't wanna cry - I think it is wonderful, it's such an amazing thing when an old favourite book turns out on screen the way it was in your imagination..

It's been a funny old week here.. the weather has been strange - gorgeous bright spring sunshine, then snow storms that could blow you off your feet and cut visibility right down, followed by bright sunshine like the snow never happened.. all within the space of an hour or 2!  And it keeps on doing it.. weird.  This morning is eye-watering bright sunshine, but cold. I've been quiet the past week or so, not feeling very well I needed to hibernate a little bit..  but now I'm feeling better I need to start showing you what I've been upto :)    Soon, I promise x


Zed said...

The hat looks great :)
Well done!

I've not read The Hobbit or seen the film,or The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, but I did love the book when I was younger.

We've had exactly the same weather here. That blizzard was crazy! The sun is bouncing off all the flats' windows this morning and magnifying it. I wanted a cloudy day to take photos outside.

Karolina Zienkiewicz said...

UUUu jakie groźnie spojrzenie. Deborah nie martw się u mnie też już była wiosna a teraz zima. W nocy z 13 na 14 marca było - 25 stopni. To prawdziwy rekord.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Zed & Karolina :) xx
Weird weather we are getting that's for sure!

Zed, I think my best investment this winter was a couple of angle-poise lamps with day light bulbs! They're perfect for on my work table and they help for photos too

Janine said...

Oh there he is, he looks like a real actor, could play in a movie, cool!! LOL

Ellen & Flo said...

Hi Deborah, I have left you a comment before under Elmtree-nz,(and under my other hat) I'd like to ask you if the NZfelters can add your blog to their list? Check us out on

FeltersJourney said...

He looks very wizardly doesn't he Janine :)

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Ellen :)
I'd be honoured to be added to your blog list! I shall have to come mooch round on there when I get a bit of spare time.. it looks very interesting!

Janine said...

Very!!!!!!!! :)))))