Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back to something FIBRE related :)

Stash busting has been an ongoing theme through 2013 for me.  The project that I am almost finished with right now, I actually started a few months back..

I had a nice green and navy silk sari that I just couldn't think how to use..  and I had several left over bits of batts that had gotten messy.. plus some tops that were knocking around... I decided to make some meterage, so bended the merino with silk fibres to get some nice bright batts.

I found some nice bright silk fabrics to add nuno interest
Laying out fine layers of batts over the silk sari.
The layout was approx 4 x 10 feet
After wetting and covering with builders plastic (it was laid out on builders plastic too)
my ridged roller came in useful for squeezing the air pockets out
With all the air squeezed out I wrapped the edges of the plastic up and over to completely
enclose the layout.. then rolled it round a damp bath towel
A dry towel wrapped round the outside and tied securely..
ready to pop in the tumble drier.. 
Once the fibres had started to creep through the silk I finished it off by hand.. making a nice sturdy felt, which I'll show you more of next time :)



Unknown said...

Oh wow Deborah those colors are gorgeous xo

Sara Millis said...

I love those colours together... can't wait to see how it turns out!

Olann - Wolle und mehr said...

your feltings fascinated me so much. I like to follow the pictures wich shows single steps of your work. The last years I felted not so much anymore but now my hands wantede to try once again.
Thanks a lot!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Birgit :) Glad you've enjoyed my musings.. I hope you enjoy felting again :) x

Thank you Sara & Karen xx