Sunday, 30 March 2014

An Exciting Project..

I mentioned recently that I had been working on a rather exciting Radagast project..  Well, it was a rather special hat!  This hat was bound for Comicon in Kansas City earlier this month, to be worn by one of the organisers.  And most excitingly of all would be meeting the ‘real’ Radagast.. Sylvester McCoy was attending Comicon.

The hat was very similar to other Radagast hats I have made, but slightly bigger to accommodate a wig.. and it needed ties like the one in the movie has.  I must confess right here and now that when watching the film I thought they were dreads in his hair.. but once it was pointed out to me I remembered seeing them tied behind his head in the 2nd film.  Stephanie and Chris, my lovely customers, sent me lots of really useful photos and info, and this was the result:
Custom Radagast front
Custom Radagast back
With ties up out of the way
I packaged it up and posted it off, using Airsure (the fastest international option) 3 weeks before it was needed.. it should of got there in PLENTY of time.  Unfortunately US customs decided to sit on it.. then it took the scenic route from New York to Kansas.. arriving on the very morning that Comicon started!  You can imagine how nervous we all were..  I was soooo relieved when I saw 'delivered' pop up in the USPS tracker!

Stephanie and Chris have sent me a lovely email and some great photos from Comicon.. of their meeting with Sylvester McCoy.  Chris was (understandably) wary of removing the hat once it was in place over the wig and beard.. but they got him to wear the last minute emergency hat that Stephanie had whipped up incase mine didn't arrive (she did a fantastic job, especially on such short notice!)

Chris and Stephanie with Sylvester McCoy
I think their costumes look amazing!  Stephanie is a Valkyrie

2 Radagasts :)

Apparently Sylvester McCoy asked about the hat :) and they told him it had been 'specially made in England by me..  It is such a buzz for me seeing one of 'my' hats with the REAL Radagast! :)


Teri Berry said...

Wow Deborah, this is amazing, I am really pleased for you. How did you come to be making such a hat, did you know Stephanie and Chris before they approached you to make it? Well done, it looks great!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Teri :)
I was soooo excited (and felt rather honoured) to be asked to make a piece that would meet the 'real' Radagast :)

I didn't know Stephanie and Chris before hand, they saw some other Radagast hats in my Etsy shop and contacted me through there

Els said...

A great hat (again) ;-)
What worries before it arrived there JUST in time !

Heather Woollove said...

You are now a Comicon rock star!...and what a cool group to be in!! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Awesome hat!!! What a thrill to see your hat modeled! You have fabulous creative skill.

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Els.. it gave me a few new grey hairs that's for sure x

Thanks Heather, though Chris is most definitely the Comicon rock star :) apparently he kept getting stopped by folks wanting their picture taken with him x

Thank you Nancy :) I love it when people send me photos modelling their goodies x

Ruthie Redden said...

Wow thats fantastic Deborah, yay Im so glad your hat got there in time for such a special occassion, you must have been on the worried. How cool, I love "radagast", he has to be one of my faves. x

FeltersJourney said...

Oh my goodness Ruthie.. I was worried indeed!
Yes, Radagast is a lovely character. I love all the costumes in the Hobbit and LOTR films but his is probably my favourite - along with Bofur's amazing hat:)

Unknown said...

I'm surprised I did not hear your squeal across the Atlantic! How exciting. The hat is fabulous of course.

Unknown said...

Bardzo fajne pomysły. Musisz wkładać sporo pracy by stworzyć tak fantastyczne kostiumy.

FeltersJourney said...

Kelly I'm surprised you didn't hear the squeals too lol they were loud enough! x

Thanks Karolina. I'm only responsible for the hat though :) x

Ali said...

How cool!!
Ali x