Friday, 1 May 2015

Medieval Inspired Sunburst Jacket

What a week..  a million and one things to keep me from my work.  Finally managed to finish this jacket though :)  AND get photos!

The sleeves button on..
I've sewn 3 small plastic buttons inside each sleeve opening
These sleeves (my experimental prototype) are commercial acrylic/wool blend aran yarn
.. may use lovely woollen yarn next time..
I so love using curly locks :) !
This button is a lovely chunky one made from a Monkey Puzzle Tree branch -
collected by a friend from a local tree that had been trimmed
and sleeveless..
I shall be posting this in my Etsy shop over the weekend :)  I definitely fancy making more jackets in this style, and maybe experimenting with different fibres too.

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Ruthie Redden said...

Love, love, love this so much, you talented lady! and it's so lovely to see you're smiling face too x