Monday, 27 April 2015

Working on a new jacket design

I've really enjoyed working on the vests and jackets recently.. and still have a few more ideas fizzing away in my brain just waiting to get out :)  The one I'm working on at the moment has been bubbling away for a loooong time!

As you may know I spent many years working for a local museum.. which involved getting dressed up in historical costume most days - that job was great fun :). One of the details of medieval clothing that has always appealed to me is sleeves! The detached sleeves that they attached to bodices as and when they needed them, either with points (laces) or pins.  There's something so quirky and elegant.. not to mention USEFUL about them..

These images are taken from Fastenings Across the Ages:

Pinned sleeve.
Detail from Raising of the Cross - Starck Triptych - 1480
Sleeve attached with points
Marie of Burgundy poss. painted by Nicklas Reiser - 1458-1482
I've been wanting to make a vest/jacket with detachable (and maybe even interchangeable) sleeves for ages.  Last week I got stuck in and started making one..

Putting curly locks down along the front edge so when the collar
flaps open you will see them
I started with two fine layers of merino in dark blues
Thirds layer is patches of Estonian batts (Gotland/merino blend)
Building up a bright Sunburst on the back with circles cut from a
layer of Estonian batt and curly locks
After loads of rolling came plenty of throwing -
great for de-stressing :)
I love the way the coloured fibres creep through the dark (and vice versa)
and LOVE curly locks :)
Blocked on a cling-film wrapped Sally to dry :)
Next up.. sleeves and button :)


Bev said...

just love your colours .will be watching with interest

Terriea Kwong said...

Pretty reversible vest/jacket. The back with curly hair textures is a wonderful design.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks ladies :) Planning to finish it tomorrow so I'll post soon xx

sunlion said...

Wow! You must have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. I am a newbie, and I am fascinated with your work.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Sunlion :)
I've been felting for quite a few years now (my first experience was about 11 years ago).. and can safely say I'm even more addicted now than I was right at the beginning :)
Enjoy your journey! x

Soňa Hrdličková said...

i like to watch your website,