Thursday, 4 June 2015

Under the Beech Tree - JUNE

I have been a very bad blogger.. nothing for a whole month!  It's been an odd time lately.. I am looking after my mom 2 days a week now, so the past couple of months I've been trying to acclimatise to the new situation.. that's the delicate way of saying I have been running round like a headless chicken trying to get as much done as possible!  BUT this week I feel like I'm getting a grip on things... hopefully..  

Beech Tree in June..  
Sunshine on new leaves.. lovely
There's so much growing going on at the moment.
Walking across the fields this morning I really wished I'd taken my camera.. The first field is full of lush, young corn about knee high; looking out across it was like watching a large body of water, the wind was making waves and the sun sparkling on the tips of the corn leaves just like it shimmers on water.. quite mesmerising.  The next field has been ploughed recently and it's just a bare moonscape at the moment, but there were pretty white May blossom petals blown down in the strong winds we had yesterday and the night before.. scattered across the dirt track like spent confetti after a wedding.

Gemstone: Pearl
Flower: Rose

In Anglo-Saxon times this month was called Sera Monath = Dry Month.

I found this sweet poem on the internet.. sums June up pretty well I think :)

All in June
by William Henry Davies

A week ago I had a fire
To warm my feet, my hands and face;
Cold winds, that never make a friend,
Crept in and out of every place.

Today the fields are rich in grass,
And buttercups in thousands grow;
I'll show the world where I have been - 
With gold-dust seen on either shoe.

Till to my garden back I come,
Where bumble-bees for hours and hours
Sit on their soft, fat, velvet bums,
To wriggle out of hollow flowers.

In June..

Sunday 21st June 2015 - Summer Solstice  
Both the summer and winter solstices have been celebrated around the world since ancient times right up to present day. This year an estimated 20,000 people will flock to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise over these ancient stones. I've seen lovely photos online of a sea of hands (in silhouette) raised to greet the sun, but much prefer staying in the peace and quiet of my own environment, our woods and hills (just thinking of being in such a crowd is enough to give me the heebeegeebies!)  

A Multitude of Music Festivals..
According to the UK Music Festival Calender online there are more than 60 music festivals during June!  I love the tip for festival gear on there.. a tent and wellies - so true :)  

I do have a couple of projects from this month to share with you... just got to find time to get 'em on here now! :)


Gill said...

Thinking of you and your family Love Gill x

Lyn said...

Empathy coming your way. Time in blog land passes much faster than it does in the real world, that's why it's always surprising to see the date on one's last post!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you ladies, really appreciate that xx

Gill I've been meaning to email you.. hope you are well!

Lyn, you're not kidding! Mind you time in the real world seems to be speeding by too..

Teri berry said...

Thinking of you but glad to hear you seem to be getting back on top of things