Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Time out with my family..

I've had a couple of lovely weeks with Gary & Rachael at home and Matt was off last week too, we managed to get a way for a few days of fun and sun at the seaside :)  

A few of my favourite photos..

I honestly thought he was going to end up with a chicken on his head!
That would of been sooo funny :)
I'll probably get told off for posting Gary's 'topless' photo
 but I like it, it's a nice happy family moment :)
Caught in mid-bound heading for her
'true love' Gary (she is a shameless Daddy's girl!) 
We scattered Jesse's ashes on our favourite walk while we were there..  our first time back without her, I missed my matie.. little sis took up Jesse's old position staying with me much more than she used to which was nice - I'm nearly always left behind, can't walk so fast as the long legged ones :)

Now we're home and the sun is STILL shining.. I love it!  Everyone is back to work now though, apart from Rachael who is enjoying her post school/pre apprenticeship break.

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