Friday, 10 July 2015

While thinking of my friend..

A couple of months ago I sketched out a playful new teacosy - inspired by my dear friend Heather, who makes beautiful, happy, colourful felt which reflects her sunny personality. 

I was picturing it in my mind.. all lovely bright colours 

I started felting :)  first off.. a coffee pot cosy.

Gathering my materials.. the green fibre and red prefelt pieces
came from Heather when she came to stay and play last year :) 
Layers of white English fibre.. followed by layers of green merino
with spikes in the corners..
'drawing' the design.. using fibre, prefelt and pencil roving
part way through..
I've used white English wool fibre for the inside (first 4 layers) followed by 2 layers of colourful merino.  I like the way the white creeps through to slightly soften the colours.. just a little..  Worked well so it's thoroughly felted (as always), the English wool fibre when felted has a bouncy texture, great for insulating a pot :)
Finished coffee pot cosy  - fits a 6 cup French Press
(it actually fits my tall slender teapot well too :)
Then I made a matching tea pot cosy..
the spikes are like curly horns on this one :)



Hello Deborah, I have always enjoyed your blog.. And I love all your creation and I think you are very kind and generous with teaching us how you create some of your wonderful felt projects... Thanks

By any change have you ever wet felted a simple small morning glory??? Thanks for your input.. Much appreciated.. Judy

Teri Berry said...

Cute! I love the horns :)

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, how I LOVE this, Deborah!!!!
(and to think I inspired you a shucks!) :)

FeltersJourney said...

Heather I'm looking forward to our next play days :) we had such fun xx

Terry, my hubby reckons I should make some horned beastie cosies :) x

Judy, I haven't felted a morning glory.. but would make them like the ones with the stem in my tutorials.. I think it would be easy to adapt to a morning glory. To make smaller I just break the fibre tufts to the length I want while laying out. Glad you enjoy my ramblings :) x

Lyn and Annie said...

The cosies turned out beautifully - love the spikes!