Monday, 21 March 2016

Fibre and Thread Sketching - week 8


So many possibilities with green; first I thought of doing a green man, but knowing me I would of spent way longer than I wanted to on him :).  So I decided to go off on a literal tangent and do a golf green..  I will confess I pretty much copied the design from clip art.  
Just a quick note here.. I don't agree with copying and don't do it (not counting ancient rock art / historic designs which I am irresistibly drawn to incorporating into my work.. and when I asked an artist friend if I could do a felt version of one of her beautiful paintings). So even though it's from clip art, freely available for anyone's use.. I'm still not entirely comfortable about this piece.  But I don't plan to sell it, it was made just as an exercise in play.

First I copied it in pencil..
Cutting out the elements to use as templates.. 
for cutting felt to shape
Using pins and a felting needle to temporarily fix the trees in place ..
Trees are then free machine stitched to the background.
All the pieces are attached in the same way.

Final touch is a FM embroidered flag and hole,
and I've 'healed' the wavy edges on the white felt

measures 6" x 6"

1 comment:

Lyn said...

I think it's great! Lovely to see your how-to steps.

About the copying thing - it's very hard to be original as so many things have already been done.
Even when you create a design that emerges straight from your imagination, you can bet that other artists have come up with similar ideas because we are all mostly subjected to common influences.