Friday, 1 October 2010

FeltUnited 2010

Well tomorrow is International Felt Day... "Happy Felt Day folks" :) hope you have something fun & fibrey planned

I finished the sea creature mobile & banner last night (at 11pm!) and installed them at Haden Hill House this morning YAY! So exciting! Its going to be there for about a month. I think its lovely for the children to have their work exhibited in a local museum; the teacher is planning to walk the class down to see it :)

The mobile is made up from all of the childrens sea creatures from last weeks workshop (29 of them), with driftwood, shells and glass beads. Its strung on fishing line from a 4 foot long piece of Dorset driftwood. The mobile has an approx. 7 foot drop - good job Haden is a Victorian house with fabulously high ceilings! The light was dreadful this morning, so Ive had to lighten the pics on picasa - if the colours are showing up badly on anybodies monitor please comment & let me know - Im planning to submit the pics for the FeltUnited exhibition. If they're no good I shall retake them.

We have used merino in blue, green & yellow - I brought a mixed bag from Wingham Wool & they`re brill - loads of shades, perfect for a kids workshop! Some of the children designed their own fantastic sea creatures (including one with 40 eyes!) others created fishes, jellyfish & octopuses - we all had lots of fun! Each child has handwritten their name tab, which is stitched to the back of their creature, further adding to the design.

The banner was made at home, using Icelandic batts for the 1st 2 layers with merino on top. Luckily for me the schools logo is blue & yellow so I was able to felt that into the banner. I also embroidered the FeltUnited motto onto it. Im hoping that the banner can hang in the school hall as a lasting reminder of the schools participation in this international event. At the end of the school year the mobile can be taken apart & the children can take their sea creatures home to keep as a momento.

Time to slow down & have a nice cup of tea before collecting the children from school now... think Im going to watch the rain, its hammering down at the moment and the wind is really strong...

...have a good weekend everyone, whatever you are doing

8 comments: said...

happy felt day!!!

Felted House said...

I can't believe how much detail you've got into the banner and all the creatures are brilliant - you've displayed them so well, the children will be so proud of their work - I love the ones with dangly tentacles! xx

Ruthie Redden said...

How wonderful to see this project finished, it looks great, such a treat for the children to see. Love your slippers too x

Unknown said...

Wonderful! I bet those kids are so proud of their work! You did a wonderful job! :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :)

Felt day TODAY ... hope you all have something fun on the boil

Pogostemon said...

Hi It's Lorraine the sari silk addict here!
Nice creative blog with some amazing designs. Looking forward to reading more.

Marjo Tice said...

What an amazing project! Love it! I like learning about textures in fibers, fabrics and weaving and I find myself coming back to your site for more..!

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Lorraine & Lipthink, lovely to have you here! and thanks for the compliments :) Both of your blogs have got my interest up too - just need time to go read through now lol