Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What a lovely suprise

I had a wonderful suprise when I checked my blog comments... I`ve won a wonderful prize!
Heather at Woollove-Functional Fiber Art is celebrating her blogs 1st B`day (`B` for blog as opposed to birth :) and very kindly held a give away of a fabulous table runner.... and I WON!!! I cant wait to receive it & will post pics when I do... you can see pics of it as it was being made over on Heathers blog - it looks gorgeous! Thank you so much Heather xx
What else have I been upto? Well yesterday I as playing dressups at OakHouse (I work as a `Tudor` servant for a museum) no felting :( BUT I was quite productive on my other days :) I made a bracelet to go with my turquoise necklace...
... and made another set very similar to go on my etsy shop.

Took photos of the first pair of boots with their fastings sewn on...
... Im really pleased with them. Got to do the other pair now & sew leather soles on, then they can be listed! Seriously I need some extra hours per day! lol
Today I have felted 2 scarves...which are drying on my radiator. Tomorow I may do more slippers... or will it be more scarves? Friday I am meeting the primary school children that I did the felting workshop with a few weeks ago. We are going to `visit` their felt at the museum & meet up with a photographer from the local paper :D which is rather exciting for all of us.
More soon xxx


Unknown said...

Congratulations on winning the table runner. Heather always has such cool projects that she is working on. I love your bracelet, and those boots are fabulous! I love the fastners! Have fun with the kiddos, I know they have got to be so excited to go see their work being displayed!

Terriea Kwong said...

The boots look great and warm in this winter. The bracelet color I love. Nice combination.

Pogostemon said...

Those boots look so cute and cosy and the bracelet is really pretty.
I'm still head over heels with my red shawl btw