Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunshine & photos

In total contrast to yesterday, today has been an absolutely gorgeous autumn day! The children spent the morning playing golf, while I sat enjoying the sunshine, birdsong & a good book - a rare treat.

As soon as the sun was up I took photos of my goodies before dashing off out for the day.

This is just a teaser of my lovely gift from Heather... I`ll post again when its hanging on my wall & you can see it in all its glory. I love the colours and the retro design - it reminds me of the `oh so 70s` wallpaper we had when I was a kid :
Now my new batts...
You cant tell from this photo but they are really sparkly, they have firestar in them. They are very appropriately named Bonfire Shimmer.... soon to be a bonfire shimmer shawl.

Ive made a collage of my most recent felted goodies...

There are 3 scarves that I was playin & experimenting with... 1 commision cobweb scarf & bracelet, plus 1 halloween/gothic cuff. The scarf at the top left has pieces of pure silk devore fabric felted in... Im really pleased with how it turned out.

Im desperately trying to sew leather soles onto slippers... but things keep on distracting me! My mission is to get them sewn & listed this week - must be strict with myself.


Kelly said...

Oh those batts look wonderful! Your scarves and bracelets look so pretty too! One of these days I am going to be brave enough to try and sell something I make. Still to scared..... Anxious to hear how hard it is to sew leather onto your slippers!

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Kelly dont be scared, your creations are absolutely lovely! It is scary to begin with, but its such a wonderful feeling when you get a sale... it helps to build your confidence.

The leather soles can be quite hard to sew on tbh... I couldnt sew more than 1 pair of soles a day as my fingers get sore. Cutting & sewing soles is for me an approx 3 hour job.

I like my slippers to be ALL natural... so its worth it to me. I read that latex soles can diminish the thermal values of the felt & mzake them difficult to get dry if they become wet, so no way will I use it... and Id be worried that glue could maybe do the same thing, so I dont use that either. SO sore fingers it is :)