Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New bag for Spring

I've been working on a new bag design.  I'm really pleased... my first one is complete - and its a keeper :) .  I have another that is almost there, but I have to buy a zipper!  Why, oh why didnt I buy 2 (or even more) while I was at the sewing shop last week?!  The second one is destined for my etsy shop.  So,  pics...


This was felted over a pretty HUGE resist, I made it very long so I could create sections, including a full size zip close compartment.  I used a slightly coarse brown merino fibre, decorating the in and outside with creamy tussah silk and deep rose pink merino flowers.  By the time it was finished it was felted down by at good 50% into a nice solid little bag.  The bottom section was pushed up to create the inner zip section - I stitched across to form the bag bottom half way through fulling. 

The handle on my first one was a little wonky - I think I cut it unevenly.  So I machine stitched a strip of felt to match the flowers to the underside of the handle.. added a few buttons and Im really chuffed with it!  The second handle is much straighter... I like the look of the pink on mine though, shall have to think what to do with the new one...  I love the witch-stitch (or herringbone) holding the zip... takes me ages but I think its worth it.  The double flap is mostly just decorative, it does keep the bag front nice and sturdly & ensures a good fit when the flap is buttoned up.

Last week I treated myself to my first ever rotary cutter!  This was the first time I got to use it (cutting the pink strip) OMG this make cutting long straight lines SO EASY. 

I also finished off the lattice shawl/wrap that I felted last week.  Decided to add 3 little white flowers.  They work quite well as a 'fastner' actually, just pull one through a hole.  My daughter has her eye on this one - though Im not sure she would actually wear it...  Far from being an original idea in any way, this was still quite interesting to work on.  These lattices are covered in the Fabulous Felted Scarves book that I had for Christmas.

Today I am strugging.  Inspiration has run dry..  I cant felt another of my Spring bags until I buy some resist fabric - none of the pieces I have are large enough, and the original resist I made is looking a little sorry for itself, I dont want to wreck it until I have copied it so I'm not using it again.

I cant finish the 2nd Spring bag OR the Hip bag till I have the right zips, had to buy these mail order as I couldnt find a suitable colour here... and I'm still waiting!

Guess I'll go do some boring (yet essential) jobs.


narkeymarkey said...

wow, your new bag is gorgeous!

ah yes, the rotary cutter - i wouldn't be without one now :)

it's really frustrating when you have to wait for new supplies isn't it? still, you can always be creating new designs :)

Kelly said...

Once again you have created something fabulous! I wish I lived near you so you could give me lessons!! :)

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--Your new bag is fabulous!! I love the idea of sectioning it during fulling (I think I'd have to see it to really understand how you did it, though!)
Take a peek in church or thrift stores for donated zippers. I got a bunch (cheaply!) that people had bought and never ended up using.XXO

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :)
Heather I remember when I was younger my nan had a whole cupboard full of zips and cotton reels from her dressmaking days, in so many colours - it looked like a sweetshop.. they probably went to a charity shop, she doesnt sew so much these days.

Steph said...

Gorgeous lattice scarf!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Steph :)

Clare Atfield said...

You are right, the bag style is a keeper. I also like the idea of the felt on the handle, it would make it stronger and less likely to stretch, no?