Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Some finished projects, some just begun

Thought I'd take a moment to put up some pics of the journal cover & slippers now they are finished...

Almost went cross eyed with all these inlays! The cross is a piece of silk velvet felted in - shame it ended up off centre in the circle... think I was concentrating too much on keeping the boat inlays in place (its made up of 7 pieces).  The boat & fish have gone into the felt a littl too much in places, think I really should of wet the fibre before adding the inlays, they might of kept crisper edges then.  Still like it though - hope my mum-in-law does :)  I think my favourite bit is the embroidered fishing net - which you cant really see in the photos..

So far this week I've tinkered with a summery nuno beach wrap/shawl. I need a dressform to display it properly... here it is jumbled up with the head-kerchief I felted last week - I LOVE all these pretty summery colours :)

Green head kerchief, Purple wrap
I've felted a pretty big lattice wrap too, which I'm planning to sew some felt flowers onto.. And I felted a hip bag today in hot colours with loads of sari silk fibre & ribbon... just need to find a zip & embroidery silk that go now to finish it off.

More soon


krex said...

All lovely and looks like you are as hungry for color as I am .

Unknown said...

I love how colorful it all looks! I think your MIL will love the journal! Looking at how productive you have been is making me itch to pull out the wool.... :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :) I think we must all be looking forward to warmer months... for bright flowers and blue skies! xx

Ruthie Redden said...

deborah, i looove your new felted projects, those slippers are so sweet! and its lovely to see some summery colours. The more i see of your felting the more i would love to try it one day. Happy (belated) new year wishes x

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Ruthie :) Beware.. felting is seriously addictive, I'm sure you would love it - its like magic x