Saturday, 29 January 2011

An exciting discovery...

Had to share these with you!  While mooching through the haberdashery section in our local Dunelm Mill I came across these amazing pins... they are strong hold Twist Pins.  On the box it states 'for upholstery & matteresses etc' - as soon as I saw them however SOLES came to mind!
Showing the pin twisting in to the felt
I couldnt tell you the number of times I have stabbed my fingers (or leg!) while stitching on a leather sole held in place with straight pins.  Plus its a fiddle keeping them all in place, they really do try to come out.  How PERFECT to be able to twist these little corkscrew pins in 'till they sit flush and stay put. 

Sitting perfectly flush

Securely pinned and ready to stitch
I tried them out a couple of days ago, and they worked brilliantly!  They sit very snuggly against the leather sole & the point didnt even poke through the other side of the felt on my boots!  They made a tedius task easier and faster!  SO, HURRAH for the twist pin!  Im going to buy more when I next visit the shop, incase I cant find them again in future.

Must add these to my leather soles page!

Gary renewed the insulation in our loft last weekend... which meant moving all of the stuff that is stored up there.  Of course this led to rediscovering forgotten & lost things... including this drawing.  I am NO drawer/painter - at least not these days, wasn't too bad when I was a kid.  But this is special to me, I can so vividly remember drawing it... Rachael was 4 weeks old, it was the wee early hours and everybody else in the house was sound asleep.  My gorgeous baby girl was peacefully feeding... it was one of those rare moments when there are no distractions and everything just seems perfect - even though I was bone weary. I can remember wanting to hold on to the moment forever.. Looking to my right were Matthews sugar paper and a wax crayon, so I drew her.. 

This was this first time I had drawn anything in 9 years, and I havent sat down an deliberately tried to draw anything since (12 years).  I'm actually going to put this in a clip frame and hang it on the wall in my craft room... not as a work of art - which it really isnt, but as a memory (though its not too bad I think, for juggling baby at breast + sugar paper & crayon balanced on a story book :).

I spent a lovely day of visiting yesterday... so no felting.  9am had a cuppa and chat with my mom, then over to spend a lovely few hours with my friend Clare who is expecting her first baby in March.  Guess who felt broody by the time she got home?!  Clare sent me on my way with a big bag stuffed full of fibre and other goodies... she is destashing ready for baby's arrival.

A couple of zips arrived in the post today - yay!  So today I shall be able to finish off the bright hip bag..


Sandie's Patch said...

The sketch is wonderful and such a joyous memory!
Thanks for sharing re the twist pins, next time I'm in Dunhelms I'll get some, you just never know when you're gonna need them!
Sandie xx

Heather Woollove said...

Excellent post, Deborah!! The pins are 'way cool', and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the breastfeeding baby drawing you made!! It's amazingly well drawn! I can't imagine drawing at all with a baby at my breast, although I must admit that with my last nursing experience that of nursing TWINS, I didn't have any hands free to try it!:)

krex said...

I haven't seen these since I was a kid...forgot they even existed and what a great use for them....Thanks for sharing :)

Clare Atfield said...

I made you feel broody - oh, hun (hehe). And then you find the sketching, how strange. It's wonderful to see the sketch and the lines are so vivid it's like it is happening right there on the paper.

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--Did you see my little 'shout out' today? Giggle.

yvette said...

thanks for sharing!!!!!!!