Saturday, 23 April 2011


Has been rife this past couple of weeks.

My biggest and still ongoing problem has been the computer!  I could happily throw it out of a window! 
I've restored it to factory settings twice in a three week period - and have to do it all over again.  The security updates windows send seem to be conflicting with something and corrupting it so badly that it becomes unusable.  Problem is even though I had turned automatic updates off... they still try to get onto my computer & leave it useless.  AAARGH!!!  Do not buy a Samsung computer folks - this is still under warrenty and they don't seem to think this is unacceptable the  best advice I can get from them is  'restore to factory settings'  which of course means the hassle of reinstalling my security software... which I cant do until I have put Live Mail back on & set up my email addresses so that I can receive the email from my security provider with a key to reinstal.  Oh I did get some other advice from them, one bright spark advised me to 'just ignore it' - what?!

This last time I lost my address book with all my email contacts on - so anybody that I'm in direct email contact with usually, could you get in touch so I have you address again please? 

Second biggest frustration was the crochet jacket.  Rachael was quite poorly for the first week and a bit of the school holidays so I did a lot of crochet while keeping her company - I finished it and it looked really pretty..

Unfortunately it looked absolutely dreadful when worn!  It was waaay too big.  The pattern was a freebie from Garnstudio; the wool was the right weight, hook was right, I did a tension swatch and everything was good to go.  Unfortunately the pattern was pretty badly written, it was supposed to be in British English but wasnt (stitch terms are different) and it gave conflicting instruction at times.  There was no size guide so I made a medium - its been YEARS since I'd of classed myself as small!  And it absolutely buried me... so, very disappointedly I have unpicked it.  My lovely hanks are now in small balls, and the tiny bits I am using to crochet flowers.  I was so pleased to of actually managed to stick to and complete a whole garment.. you know how impatient I am.  Never mind - I must find a better pattern and make something else with it now.

On a more positive note I finished my bunny!
He is 10" tall, so a nice size for cuddling

got lots of BFL locks felted in for texture
 I like his big chocolatey nose and ears :)  If I get chance I'm going to do a very different bunny in lots of bright colours to go with him... depends if I get time before I have to post him.

And the weather has been stunning this past couple of weeks!  We almost headed to the coast with our tent for this weekend.. the weather forecast wasnt looking so good though so we stayed home.  Now they have changed their minds and predict that it will be lovely - sods law!  oh well, theres plenty to keep us occupied here :)

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend everybody - whatever your plans


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Sorry to read about your frustrations :(
...but I'll focus on the positive and say that I love your much character and very cleverly made!

Unknown said...

How problems are the worst! Your buuny is amazing! I love how all of these have turned out!! Hope your weekend ends better!

krex said...

I've been having problems with my computer as well and recently locked out of my own yahoo mailbox...spent a day trying to get back in...urggggg!

...but the bunny is adorable and will make someone a very good friend .

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you folks. Its been a real pain again this week - but I'm HOPING (everyone keep their fingers crossed for good luck!) that it might just be sorted now.

Glad you like my bunny :)