Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lace, Woolgathering and exciting weekend plans

Yesterday was the 2nd Woolgatherers tea morning.. and a lovely morning it was too!  Brenda brought me a suprise pressie :) which was very kind and really amused me.  While shopping in Stroud she came across this and thought of me
Gift wrapping paper made from sheep poo
A bit gross.. but totally tickles my funny bones.  Bless her, she carried it carefully around the town for the rest of the shopping trip, and stored it carefully to avoid creases :)  I have to think of something 'interesting' to do with it now.  I'm thinking along the lines of using it as a backdrop for a piece.. maybe.  Any suggestions will be welcome :)

I'm not going to report back on the tiny frame challenge as Sue, who set the challenge & provided the frames, was unable to join us.  Next time we meet I shall take photos and post them, in fact there will be 2 challenges to report on then.  This months challenge is 'vintage buttons and beads'   - we can make whatever we like - so long as it features vintage button/s and/or beads...

Wednesday and Thursday I played around with lace.  In Fabulous Felted Scarves by Chad Alice Hagen & Jorie Johnson there is a bridal wrap made from lace and strips of merino fibre sort of woven and then felted.  I didnt want to make the wrap project in the book, but the idea really appealed.  SO, when I got my hands on a shoe box full of vintage lace (my aunty kept it from clearing her parent-in-laws house after they died) I decided to play.

Laying out.  I lightly veiled the edges of the lace on both sides. 
There are 3 perpendicular layers of fibre on each of the felt strips

I cut one of nans vintage chiffon scarves in half diagonally & added that as the focal point in the middle of the back.  Threw a sprinke of white firestar in between the merino and chiffon for a little glitz.

Felted & finished and modeled by Rachael - who is too small for it really bless her. 
Will get better photos in the week.
My bunny that will be going to Japan is still unfinished, as is the orange bag.. but as the kids have just broke up for the Easter holidays (which means no felting for a couple of weeks!) I can get on with them this week hopefully.

So whats the exciting weekend I have planned?  We are going to Wonderwool Wales tomorow!  This is the third year that I have wanted to go.. and I'm going YAY.  We are heading off for a family day out.. hope the others enjoy it as much as I am sure to!

I'm off to enjoy the spectacularly sunshine - its been gorgeous the last couple of days; summer clothing weather!

Whatever you are doing this weekend - enjoy xx

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