Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunbathing in October.. In ENGLAND?!

Who would of thought it.. but this last week has been absolutely stunning!  Better weather than we had in August.  Most of my time during the week has been spent inside felting, but what a treat to sit out on the bench in the sunshine (wearing a sundress!) for a cup of tea or my lunch.. feels like a gift this late in the year.

I snapped this little fellow taking a stroll across the field at lunchtime yesterday.. he was only about 30ft - 40ft away, I've never seen a fox that close in bright dayight before, I think he was too hot to be bothered about being seen :)  Had him lined up sitting facing me & just as I pressed the camera button he turned round to scratch his chin!  Never mind.. you can see what a lovely sunny day it was.

Feeling hot n itchy
So, what have I been felting this week?  I got my hands on another vintage silk sari and made my first scarf from it :)  took a while for the wool to migrate through nicely but it was worth it.

super long & skinny
 I'm working on 2 pairs of slippers.. a version of the 'franken-boots' (Rachaels slippers from last year)re-christened Funky Boots.. they are about half way done.  And some mens mule slippers.. a  special request from a very good customer for her hubby.  They now have some pretty stitching around the openings and I just need to sew the soles on.  Think tomorow is going to be a sewing day.

LOVE this colour combo - chartreuse & turquoise
This weekend though has been spent in the sun and thoroughly enjoyed :)  Its been a lovely long weekend too, the kids school was closed on Firday for a training day.. with a little forethought we could of had a few nice days by the sea - ah well.

My next post is going to be the process pics of my Helenium flower cushion that I promised many months ago..



Heather Woollove said...

I'm happy to hear that SOMEONE is having good weather, since we have NOT been! :(
It sounds like you had another marvelous and productive week!! Yay! XXO--

FeltersJourney said...

It was lovely while it lasted Heather - the rain and gales have arrived now.

Anonymous said...

Love your slippers! What do you use for the soles?

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Anonymous :) thanks for the compliment.

I handstitch soft leather soles onto all of my slippers.. theres loads more info on my 'Leather Soles for Felted Slippers' page (you should be able to see a tab somewhere above the blog post.. let me know if you can't) its worth checking out if you are interested in soling felted slippers