Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beeeautiful Buttons

If you have been reading this for a while.. or know me in person, you have probably picked up on my love of buttons.. I hoard them, my button tins are little treasure chests.  I have always felt that way about button tins actually, I loved my mom & nans button tins when I was a little girl and spent many happy hurs sorting through them.  Even my husband is always on the lookout for buttons for me :) bless him. 

I want to share a seller that I have found.. I have been admiring Buttonalia ceramic buttons on Etsy for about a year now.. they are always such gorgeous colours and look so plump and non-uniform.. each one is unique.  Every now and then I go look and drool and wonder what I would make with each one I fancied.. not really settling on a particular use... I just coveted them :)

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a couple of big beauties and straight away I could picture them on shawls / wraps as a closure instead of one of my usual stick pins.  So I brought them.. Sharry the talented potter behind Buttonalia, is absolutely lovely :) she got my buttons to me the very next day - which was great 'cos I was bursting to get hold of them!  I was so excited to get them I didnt even take a photo of them unattached!

First thing I did was attach one to my own shawl.. the nuno one with the Indian scarf which took forever and a day to felt in..

Perfect size to allow me to use the decorative holes as button holes :)

The button is black and green
The next one was just right for a wrap which which turned out just as I was picturing it (HUGE layout for this one) its more of a cape than a shawl..

SO, if you like buttons go take a look at Sharry's shop..  I can honestly say hers are the nicest ceramic buttons I have seen.. and as lovely as they are to look at they feel even better - you just wanna keep touching them



Charlotte said...

You would love the button shop my husband and I stumbled across in Amsterdam. Wandering down a back street off the main canal.
In an old house, it had wall to ceiling alcoves of different buttons.

I was so overwhelmed I forgot to note the name of the shop and the street it is on. Duh!

Sharry said...

OMG! I feel even more humbled offering my humble buttons when I see your sumptious, beautiful, amazing work! I am honoured indeed.

Smiling, Sharry as benibulous

Charlotte said...
Found it.

Heather Woollove said...

What wonderful projects (and buttons!) Thanks for sharing the link to this shop!!
I am most struck, however, with just how beautiful you are!!! You rarely post photos of yourself, and none that I remember which show your hair.
Deborah---you are just so pretty! It's fun to finally get a better idea of how you look after all this time! :)

FeltersJourney said...

Charlotte - that shop sound awesome - I might get lost in there if I ever ventured in :) Thanks for the link I shall go have a mooch x

Sharry - your buttons are AWESOME! Thanks for your lovely comments x

Heather, you sweetie.. you have got me blushing! Thank you for your lovely comments :) no I dont have many photos with me on them.. I guess I'm a bit self conscious. Every now and then Gary pinches the camera off me a sneaks a pic - but I'm usually behind the camera xx

Tracy Markey said...

oh your wraps are stunning, and modelled beautifully by you too :)

i knew i shouldn't have followed the link ... to button heaven ... oh dear ... i just can't resist ... more buttons i need to sneak in the house when m is at work!

FeltersJourney said...

I know how you feel Tracey - Sharrys shop is more tempting than a sweet shop! I have just brought some more beauties from her too :)