Sunday, 30 October 2011

A wild and windy seaside stay..

This week the children have been home from school for half-term.. and we managed to sneak away for a last, late seaside break in Dorset.  We had a great time as a family; it was very wild and windy which of course meant the waves were spectacular.. good job we weren't planning to kayak this time :)   There were a couple of days that I have no photos of - they were all out of focus 'cos the wind was buffeting me SO much, but I do have a few pics for you.. the first lot were taken at Lyme Regis.  We have never been there before, what a quirky and picturesque place.. 

Whenever I see seagulls close up I think of Pyramids by Terry Pratchet (LOVE that book)

I recon that poor chap got soaked
Lyme Regis is on the Jurasic Coast and is well known for finding fossils - Matthew found this one just lying there on the first beach we walked over.. needless to say he is thrilled to bits, Gary and Rachael tried hard to find their own fossils too.. but nothing near as good as this one.

You can clearly see 2 big critters (one on top of the other) plus 1 smaller very white & crystalised one, and what looks like quite a few much smaller ones

hello old friend.. 
on top of Glastonbury Tor
The remains of the chapel built in the 1300s 
We havent been to Glastonbury for far too long.. it is a place that has always pulled me very strongly.  Of everyplace that I have ever been Glastonbury has to be the most welcoming, accepting and inclusive... a day spent here soothes my soul.  We had an even bigger treat than expected this time..  As we were walking up the lane toward to Tor we came across the White Spring Water Temple for the first time.  For many years of visiting the Tor this place had been used for other purposes, but in recent years it has become the most amazing water temple. 

Through the doorway, we stood letting our eyes get used to the dark, down the old stone steps in to a candlelit vaulted stone cavern.. there were puddles and rivulets all over the floor and the sound of running water was SO loud,  burning incense and sweet music in the air.  I must go back and spend longer there, it was such a peaceful place.  After too short a time we had to leave.. we were off up the Tor.

.... When we got to the top there was a man playing hauntingly beautiful music on a flute...  How much do I love it here?  ... I want to go back already..

Now we are home & I made my first piece of felt for just over a week yesterday :)  Today its going to be all about pumpkins!  As a family of Harry Potter fans we have a Halloween feast every year, Rachael is planning to make a special spooky desert this year so we shall be having our feast tonight rather than on Halloween (my girl does everything at a snails pace so she will need lots of time :)



Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--What an enchanting trip! Your Halloween feast sounds amazing, too. I think Matthew's fossil should have pride of place in your Halloween-themed table decoration...its wonderful, ancient creepiness really fits the mood! XXO-

Ginny Huber said...

Am back visiting blog posts and am glad to have seen yours today Devorah; enjoy your Halloween feat..and thank you for posting your pics of places you visit; many, many years ago I briefly lived in the UK..before it was the UK, i think..and now am traveling there vicariously via you and others!

Terriea Kwong said...

It's a good time with family I'm sure. Two years ago I was in Abbotsbury, after a felt workshop I went alone to Wymouth. I think it's quite close to Lyme Regis, is it so?

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks ladies for your comments :)

Heather, we had a couple of pumpkin disasters this year.. all was well in the end though :D Hope you all had fun too x

Ginny, glad you like the pics - I was relieved that any of them turned out.. it was so windy that 3/4 of them were blurry - I couldnt keep still enough x

Terry, I LOVE family time :) You are completely right, Lyme Regis is about 30 miles (I think) along the coast from Weymouth.. we were staying just outside Weymouth actually right on the coast x

Clasheen said...

Love the fossils, they are sooooo stunning!!! Amazingly I to was out hunting for them earlier this week and blogged about it this morning, snap!

Tracy Markey said...

sounds like an amazing family time :) plus wonderful fossils too!